Grandad on television — 15 Comments

  1. Robert – There is usually no need as they tend to huddle together like sheep anyway. She’s developed quite a taste for them though.

  2. 😆

    Poor Sandy. You’ve ruined her chances with her little friend down the road!

    Haunting music and scenery = clever advertising

    The tourists will flock to your part of the world now 😉

  3. Sixty – Your jokes are getting worse!

    Karyn – She is just a remarkably good actress. She had the gleam of an Oscar in her eye, and was prepared to tolerate anything.

    Caro – The thing about sheep is that they can’t recognise each other, so none of them knows who was in the film.

  4. hey first time i saw it i thought it was you..did you go to specsavers?hows sandy not too embarressed i hope.your bit of ireland is very scenic the sport should be good this year!

  5. Cooper – To be honest, I couldn’t tell you where I got my glasses. I couldn’t read the sign over the shop.

    I confess they used a wig on Sandy to make her look shorn. She liked it so much they let her keep it. She only wears it to parties though.

    Yes. I live in a very scenic part of the country. Great for attracting tourists. *heh*

  6. Awwwwwww, poor ‘Sandy’! Very good advert & quite tempting in attracting tourists I’m sure……..but then there’s the weather…………..!

  7. Not as bad as I suspected from your writing tone


    Actually both Sandy and I are better looking. Also we come in colour. Maybe that’ll be us in ten years time?

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