Divine justice — 5 Comments

  1. God is basically just against those with bad manners, that is what She doesn’t like. Chuntering on about your pet peeve, endlessly, comes under the heading of bad manners. Like car bores, Bertie bores -pro or anti, religious bores, or “I have have given up drink and feel wonderful” bores.

    I am suprised She didn’t arrange for a lightening strike.

  2. Surely that would qualify me then? I’m always moaning on about Bertie, Dubya and the like? Maybe the lightning is reserved for me tonight?

    And next time I’m having a chat with God, I must remember to ask about gender. Chances are I’ll forget though……

  3. I believe the Pope has released a new list of 7 modern deadly sins . . .perhaps we should derive our own list:

    Thou shalt not be an ugly reformed smoker . . . mmm . . feel a post coming on!

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