Watering Sunday — 11 Comments

  1. I am crying, writing this…”

    I know of no word in the English language that can accurately describe the type of person that writes that kind of shit.

    I’ll just have to call him a tosspot for now, although it’s not nearly strong enough. Hopefully my vocabulary will improve soon…

  2. Apparently he is going to write for the Irish Daily Mail – which says it all really.

  3. “Apparently he is going to write for the Irish Daily Mail”

    Oh yes, that’ll boost their readership. Idiots.

  4. I was a teenage werewolf. Now I spend weekends sipping cheap chinese red wine while watching pirated DVD movies and munching Cadbury’s Milk Tray.

  5. Grandad, you may remember the glorious 25 page tribute to Charles Haughey (‘Our Last Hero’, I think it was called), penned by John Healy, which Waters commissioned when he was editor of In Dublin. He has always been a complete eejit.

  6. I don’t remember that one. But anyone who would commission a 25 page tribute to that gangster…… Enough said!

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