Holy Waters — 8 Comments

  1. “Can you catch religion from having unprotected sex with a priest?”


    And remember… in this case, it was the priest who got pregnant 😀

  2. It’s sad when someone previously open-minded and eclectic suddenly gets religion and starts banging everyone on the head with it. Why do they always think their religion is the only one that counts among all the thousand of religions and belief systems? Personally I’m a Buddhist but I never even mention it unless someone shows an interest. And I couldn’t care less about ‘converting’ anyone. Personal beliefs are precisely that, personal.

  3. Nick – I couldn’t agree more. The world would be a much better place if people could keep their religion to themselves. How many wars could have been prevented, and how many lives saved? Why this intense need to convert everyone?

    TT – Are you thinking of Newton? 😉

  4. TT, it was a bo tree (sacred fig tree). So it didn’t have any apples on it. And I think it was several years. His conclusion was you should be a light unto yourself and not be pushed into anything by anyone else. Good advice.

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