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  1. Fucking Indo is a rag. So it’s weird that two senior citizens win awards and are actually literate, is that the inference?

    Probably more literate than the chimps in the Indo for a start. Did you know they send that ‘paper’ out to France to be subbed? That’s why it’s littered with typos every day, French people not having a good grasp on the Irish English like. Probably saves a few quid for poor pauper Sir Anto.

    There was a story in it the other day, headlined “Gun-toting GAA player is jailed.” About some dodgy character found with a gun and because he was a member of a GAA club – a total unknown in club or couty terms I might add – they lashed “GAA player” into the title just for some irrelevant notoriety. Cants.

  2. Tsk, that’s a bit cheeky isn’t it? I think you look lubly: all Grandparently and wholesome lol x

  3. Grandad – I thought you weren’t there?

    Your stand-in looks pretty damn fine to me, as does the very elegant Grannymar πŸ˜€

    If the Indo had bothered to read either of your blogs, they’d have known to caption it as ‘WITTY WIDE WEB’.

  4. Grannymar – Maybe they were just referring to you?

    Terence – I don’t normally [ever?] buy it. Having read through it last night, that’s a wise decision!!

    E Mum – Wholesome? Hah!! Thanks πŸ™‚

    Steph – He does look a bit like me and he deserves a day out.
    It could have been worse – “WRINKLY WIDE WEB”?

  5. I think that would be sufficiently defamatory to pay for a holiday (and for a telly so that Grannymar can use her DVD player) – you need a ‘no win, no fee’ solicitor

  6. The Indo are twats. And they’ve no comprehension whatsoever about blogs and feel threatened by them and need to marginalise them.
    But Terence writes authoritatively but incorrectly, and I have to correct his errors.
    Firstly, the Indo is subbed in Dublin and Armagh, not France. Secondly, it would have been the Dublin office which decided that headline.
    Read into that what you will. Sue if you must. But ignore Terence’s ill-informed maligning of the French.

  7. Ian would that be one holiday? What would Granny say to Grandad and I taking off. With my luck it would be a Bridal suite! πŸ˜†

  8. You know what bothers me – I think that was the only mention the Blog Awards got in the Indo. Had those two ‘weirdos’ not won an award, would there have been a picture at all in that publication (in the technology section, nonetheless)?

  9. Ian – You’re the expert. Where abouts should I book? Bray? Bundoran?

    Brianf – You’ve lost me? Meird?

    I think the fact that yesterdays paper devoted three and a half full pages to Bian Kearney’s conviction says it all. Tabloid rag in broadsheet clothing.

    Welcome Darren! It was very comprehensive coverage all right. It’s like one of those photos you get in the local papers – “Sid and Joan celebrating their golden wedding in the pub last night”

  10. @Grannymar: Maybe they think that blogging should be for the under sixties?
    You know his second love is Sharon Ni Bheolain. She’s a lovely girl. She cooks a lovely breakfast and she doesn’t snore.

  11. Aw heck…who wants to be called “normal” anyway?!? Not ME!!

  12. Grandad, I was thinking conspiratorialy. It may have been a secret code to their followers. Using the three W’s may have been a call to secret underground cells that have been in place since the 60’s to come to arms and finish their mission of world dominance. The only problem is that their fearless leader died in a mysterious industrial accident in northern Poland in the early 80’s while the factory was being visited by representatives of Micrsoft and noone bothered to recall the drones because at the time of his death his dog ate the only manuscript of his plans out of despair at losing his master. So it is only fair to conclude that Microsoft took control of these sleeper cells and is just now calling them forth in a bid to convince us all that Vista is a good OS, thus continueing a policy of world dominance until we all live in a single world-nation and have to display a photo of Bill Gates in our house like the steoetypical Soviet household of the 50’s displayed photos of Lenin and Stalin.
    Whew! That’s enough for now. I don’t want to give it all away.

  13. I’m with the bra. Who wants to be normal anyway? Print is an endangered media on this enamoured rock we all call home. They are just frightened by Grandad and Grannymar’s popularity. πŸ™‚

  14. JC Skinner, what can I say, someone who actually works there told me that and a French-based company was advertising for subs in the paper itself there two weeks ago. I’d have thought they’d know what they were talking about but now that I think of it, an employee of the Indo not knowing what happens at the Indo kinda fits.

    And I did not malign the Frenchies at all, but questioned their ability to sub-edit an Irish newspaper to which the ample number of schoolboy typos everyday will attest.

    This thinly-veiled ‘weird’ agenda against Grandad was just the last straw. Just because he keeps rare wildlife in his beard doesn’t make him weird.

  15. Terence and JC – Please stop squabbling. You’ll go to bed without any supper if you continue.

    Just because he keeps rare wildlife in his beard doesn’t make him weird.

    ….just eco-friendly.

  16. It depends on what’s for supper. If it’s Grandad’s turnip surprise again…

  17. Weird!
    “involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny . . .”

    Flattery in its finest form I’d say!

  18. Alan – The only problem is that I can’t really take a pop back at them because I don’t ever buy the rag. I’m a Times man [*cough*].

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