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  1. Grandad, drop me a mail and I’ll look into it for you. I am an ex-hotelly person type. I still have good connections with regards rates and such.

  2. Darren – You are, indeed, a scholar and a gentleman. Mail about to go out.

    Brianf – What do you think the other bench is for? Someone had to take the photo.

  3. Bewleys tend to be pretty acceptable price wise and decent accomodation. My cousin spent a night in the Jury’s inn in Christchurch and found that reasonable and good too. Pity the restaurant I took him to on his visit wasn’t a clean, took me a week to shake that off, and he had to fly home the next day, poor sod. The company I am about to stop working for use the Uppercross in Rathmines, not up to American visitor standards, but no one else has ever had an issue with it.

  4. I am reading this! Thanks for all of the info everyone. I shall put it to good use. 🙂 You just have to promise not to shoot me, while I’m wearing my beloved Oakley’s. No worries though. If I know anything ’bout weather in Dublin, it’ll probably be hazy with light showers. 🙂

    Thanks everyone…

  5. I slept on a bench in Dun Laoghaire once – but it’s not there now.

    The Guards came and shone torches in our faces during the night.

    (It was 1981 and my mate and I had gone for a ferry that had stopped running the previous week and all we had were our tickets home)

    I think Isaac’s is OK at the economy end of things.

  6. The Progressive Democrats have a head office in South Frederick Street lying fairly empty I believe with a leather couch. Close to all amenities.

  7. Having never been to Dublin I couldn’t say, but I’d be happy to get you and herself a great room at a discount or possibly even comped if you ever make it to Palm Springs.

    No, seriously.. we even have wifi, so you could blog from there. Tell everyone what a great time you’re having sunning yourself by the pool and how much you’ve won at the casino.

    We serve Guinness in the bar, and I’ll have a dart board brought in to make you feel at home.

    Scantily clad pretty girls run around all day and night, and the weather is always perfect.

    There is no death, dying or disease. Everything is free, and we’ll even pay you to stay here.

    The only hitch is you can never leave.

  8. The D4 Hotels are the best value in Dublin at the moment, top quality/central at low prices …….from €85 to €135 a room ……….sleeps two
    dirt cheap? ………….stay on Gardiner street!

  9. RhodesTer – That is a very generous offer. It literally sounds like heaven. But it can’t be – Palm Springs is in America.

    Roy – Jayzus! I remember seeing B&B signs advertising at 12/6 a night [in the expensive part of town]. That would be about 70c?

  10. Perfect! We’ll have a lot of rooms available right around that time, and I was thinking of sending you a case of IRISH SPRING as a Christmas gift anyway!

  11. Ah, good.. no use taking offense where none was intended.. just good, CLEAN fun..

  12. Good accommodation in Dublin City. Comfortable. Not outrageously expensive.

    A gridlock of oxymorons.

  13. I’m a little late with this reply (I’m new here, you see, so I’m playing catch-up), but when in Dublin I usually stay at the George Frederick Handel Hotel on Fishamble Street. Lovely rooms, if you don’t get one near the elevator, tasty breakfast, and a good price for the location.

  14. Bock – Leave out the ‘oxy’ bit?

    Annie – Welcome! If my friend the Bugger doesn’t find somewhere out of this lot, then he’s not worthy of a visit!

  15. Howya!

    Well done to you on your win sir and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say it on the night.

    I stayed at the Russell Court hotel on Harcourt St. and I loved it.Very central,clean and quirky enough to be memorable.It was 120 euro a night though so it wasn’t exactly bargain basement.

    I’ll definitely go there again.

  16. Hiya Hangar! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you as well. I think you were down the front, with all the gang while I was up the back with the drink!

    Thanks for that. I hope Yer Man is still keeping an eye on this 😐

  17. Or you could try Stauntons on the Green where I stayed. Friendly, reassuringly old-fashioned, a little crumbling and reasonably priced by Dublin standards. Very central. The owner is happy to sit and talk nonsense with his guests for as long as they wish.

  18. That sounds like my kind of place, Bock. Especially the “friendly, reassuringly old-fashioned and a little crumbling” bit.

  19. You’re a star, Bock. I’ll send Yer Man a mail and see if he is following all of this.

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