Inflation is rampant in Ireland — 18 Comments

  1. Sneezy – You’re the salt of the earth and a gentleman.
    Hang on though… What do I say when I’m hauled up before a tribunal?

  2. Cupid – After I deduct that amount from my bank balance, I think I can just about stretch to a pint. And when I go down to post the cheque, it will be an excuse to buy another. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  3. Littlewoods? you’re right though. I’m going to protest…

    I’M NOT GOING TO PAY IT. They can bring me to court….

  4. Grandad,

    How are you supposed to pay it on a bank holiday? They will be charging you interest on it next for late payment.

  5. Om a serious note , I do think we could be talking ourselves into a depression, we are a consumer driven economy… if folk stop spending, the wealth stops getting distributed

  6. Ian – They can charge me all the interest they like. I still won’t pay it. Stubbs Gazette – here I come….

    Roy – Are you going to blame me now if the economy collapses?

  7. There have been cases in the states of zero-dollar debts being handed over to debt collectors when the ‘debtors’ don’t send a cheque for zero dollars.

    My first ESB bill in my new flat, incidentally, was an immediate demand for 0 euro.

  8. Robert – The Americans are stupid enough to do something like that all right. I once took an advance on my paycheque, and the next one that was issued was for the princely sum of 1 penny. I love computers!!

  9. I wouldn’t pay it! I would send them a letter demanding a full disclosure and the accounting trail to justify it. Then I would finish the letter with the statement…..All further correspondence should be sent through my attorney.
    On a similar note my email is through a different ISP than the one I use to connect. Since it only cost a dollar a month I’m paid up for about the next 4 years. They send me a bill every month that states, “no payment is due at this time”.

  10. Brianf – That’s a damned good idea too. I demand to know where the money has gone that I don’t owe them. Who stole it? Has Bertie got his hand in the till again?

  11. It seems a bit steep to me. I reckon you should shop around and find yourself a cheaper supplier, mate. Oh, and why is your Irish Blog Awards Winner plaque right at the top of your sidebar and yet you hid mine down the bloody bottom?

  12. E Mum – Do you think I would do better on eBay? And wht the hell are you complaining about??? Your plaque is at the top. ??

    TT – ….. No. I won’t say it.

  13. Nah, I keep getting shafted on Ebay (steady!) Well, it WAS at the bottom… blimey you’re fast!!! x

  14. Re. Bertie & the great state of the Irish economy…

    “Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.” – An Oliver Goldsmith quote 🙂

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