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  1. How about ‘A pot of Stew’

    I an not talking dinner, I am thinking of a suggestions for a book title!

  2. Grannymar – Actually ‘A Stew of Pot’ would be good [and more descriptive]!!

    Ian – Don’t be bold.

  3. “The Bonaventure Code”. Actually thats the title I chose for mine, but then I lost the first chapter, and it would have been incredibly libelous so there is no point in writing it anyway, so I’ll donate it to you (not that I imagine you want it). It was to be the sequel to “The cycle of the Maoir”. Long story.

  4. “The Beach on a Hill”

    Given your theory that where we live was once at sea level and may at some point in the future be once more.

    It also implies a slightly topsy-turvy exisitence 😉

  5. Could you not use the title you already have?

    Head Rambles or Head Ramble. Or Ramble Head? Hmm maybe not. I’d like to see a sequel called Ramble IV – This time it’s personal!


  6. Thrifty – Thank you for your generous offer. Unfortunately it would confuse people even more than the book itself. And that’s saying something.

    Neighbour – Or ‘The Bitch on a Hill’? Could work?

    John B – The trouble with that is that I’d do a good trade amongst hill-walkers. But there aren’t many around, and they would be a bit disappointed anyway. Though if there is a sequel, then your last suggestion is on!!

    Robert – I saw that! My favourite is “I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen“. It’s probably a book on how to hang wallpaper.

  7. “The mighty mighty adventures of that guy who lives down the lane, just off the main road with the dog who drives and his kooky band of merriemakers. A triology in one book, four acts, 11 chapters and two intermissions”
    you could call it “I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen“.

  8. “Harry Potter and the Da Vinci book of Sudoko”

    You’d sell millions with that title – it could be about anything.

  9. Brianf – Damnit!! Not only have you given the plot away, but you have just written the entire book. How did you get it?

    TBA – Twenty has already done that?

  10. Not with the Sudoko bit – that catches the Countdown watching audience. Students and pensioners.

    Actually, I’ve just been reminded of the story behind REM’s “Life and How to Live It”. (Apologies for the haphazard nature of the page – it was the best link I could find and I am too lazy to explain it myself)

  11. When I was doing my A levels we had to read a book called “Trout Fishing in America” – it wasn’t anything to do with trout fishing and led to one student being withdrawn from the course by her parents.

    What about “Trimmed Hedges, Tarmac Roads and Bright Streetlights” (Ha! Ha!)

  12. “Trout Fishing in Americaâ€? by Richard Brautigan. He is one of my favorite writers. He also wrote, “In Watermelon Sugar”. I’m going to go dig up a copy of it and re-read it. Thanks Ian!

  13. Honestly, I like The Book. It has an appealing authority to it. Or even just Book which has admittedly less authority but more in the way of humour. But I can’t really talk, I’m crap with titles.

  14. Grandad Chronicles or According to Headrambles. Read you every day and will enjoy reading your book.

  15. A few suggestions:
    – Accidental Novelist
    – The Life and Times of a Curmudgeon
    – How to be a Curmudgeon
    – Smoking Compulsory

    I like Doc’s suggestion of “Himself” as well.

  16. TT – “The Hobbit Guide to Touring Ireland”?

    TBA – Don’t knock sudoku. It never fails to send me to sleep.

    Ian – Intriguing! What was it about? And you are shit stirring again.

    Doc – Now there’s one for thought? But Grandad is never referred to as “Himself”, though he does have another name!

    JA – I like it! Sheer simplicity. But I doubt the publishers would run with that?

    June – Welcome to the madhouse 🙂 I like those. Up there with ‘Chaucer’s Tales’?

    Karyn – You seem to think I’m a curmudgeon?

    There are some great suggestions here. I suppose it is a case of drawing up a long list and having a chat with the publisher.

    The only one he rejected so far was “P.M.S. I love you”. I wonder why?

  17. I bought “Trout Fishing in America” again in 1999. I think it might have been inspired by various substances. Ask Brianf what he thinks it’s about!

    You need something that is once catchy and intriguing – though I can see “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian” on our bookshelf, and it’s neither.

    What about something as Gaeilge? (You could apply for a grant then)

  18. Ian – You are freaking me out again. I was just reading out your reply about “Trout Fishing in America” to Herself when this comment arrived.

    How about “Craic” and claim it’s as Gaeilge?

  19. “Karyn – You seem to think I’m a curmudgeon?”

    I think you give it your best shot!

    Not that I’m complaining, mind!

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