Paws for thought — 13 Comments

  1. Oops! What happened to my comment? I pressed the button.

    I’ll try again.

    73, Grandad and I are old enough to remember a talking horse, so talking dogs are only a stage further.

    Now understanding a talking dog is a horse of a different colour! 😉

  2. A dog is a dog is a dog, of course but no one can talk to a dog, of course unless that that dog is the famous ……… Sandy.

  3. it IS kind of rude to pull on the lead during.. that.. I hate it when coffeesister and I are out for walks and she does it to me.

  4. Dogs are great Coco is my personal trainer, she comes over when Corrie starts and gives me the look that says “take me for a walk or I’ll bite yer ASS”

  5. What a considerate dog she is, except it seems the human she called over was more interested in talking to her than to you, which might have defeated the purpose. Did she get her nap?

  6. it’s true, Irish women are so easy to pick up even a dog can do it, pity a few more men don’t try 🙂

  7. Roy – Your dog is also a discerning judge of television programmes!

    Karyn – Sandy got her nap, and I got my company. All happy.

    Flirty – Never underestimate the pulling power of a dog. Are Irish women that easy? Are you doing anything tonight?

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