Bertie Ahern and mashed potatoes — 24 Comments

  1. A more accurate impression might involve tossing said bag-o-spuds into the A pond at Ringsend Treatment Works, ensuring the piece of string was just long enough to allow the nostrils of the attached ‘artist’ to surface?

  2. Cranky – You can have the RPG launcher?

    Performance art is a load of crap that gullible people pay good money for. Except of course for the Diceman.

  3. It has a very Bunyanesque feel about it

    All you need to do is to caption the picture “Bertie’s burden of sin”

  4. Forgive me for not understanding the who’s & what’s here (I am merely a dumb American bra for heavensake) BUT still, Grandad, you make me LAUGH! Great imagery & post! Tee-hee!

  5. Thanks Olga 🙂

    There is really only one ‘who’ and that is our beloved leader Bertie. He is a crook of the highest order who has been dipping his hand in the till and is up in front of a tribunal at the moment. So far they have discovered half a million Euros and that he hasn’t paid any tax in years. He also awarded himself a pay rise of €38,000 [that is just the increase!!!], making him the highest paid leader in the western world. He is paying himself more than your beloved Dubya! And yet the fecker is still in power?????!!!!!

  6. Aw, leave poor Bertie alone. He has so many people down on him right now I think he just needs some moral support.
    I’m fairly sure I read somewhere that he’s serving as Taoiseach for the rest of his life.
    I also understand that some of you feel a gallows is well made enough to be of good support!

  7. Hiya, Dubya! He thinks he’s there for life and so do you. It’s just that you are both going to have very short ones.

    While I’m on to you – get your fucking planes out of Shannon. You’re not wanted. You may fool Americans, but you don’t fool us.

  8. No he didn’t. He told us you said you weren’t there…

    The little knacker is lying again, isn’t he?

  9. Oh! Right! We’re not!
    Nevermind that man behind the curtain and anyways I thought that Harney lady was suppose to stand in front of Shannon airport when we’re…ummm….ahhh….when we’re not there.

  10. Fuck me this country has gone so far up it’s own arse it’s unbelievable – performance art my hole – complete waste of money. To be fair I’m all for the arts even performance arts but this is just taking the piss. Granddad the sooner you mash the better!

  11. Just read yer mans website.

    He’s an absoultely pointless cunt. Fair play to Ballymun. And seeing as his phone number is on his website, I shall call him every hour to tell him this.

  12. Dubya – Good tactic with Harney. You could land the entire USAF and we wouldn’t see it around her. Do you want to buy her as an aircraft carrier?

    Baino – He was also going to use Irish money!!

    Thrifty – Sorry about that, but there is no fun in shooting chickens.

    Curly K – If performance art is eating corgis on live radio, then I think you can have it. Yer Man is a waste of space.

    OFTR – Too late. His line will always be engaged. I’ve programmed computer to phone him every time he hangs up.

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