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  1. Heard about Dustin on news and fell about laughing. Finally Ireland will prove that it is heir to Beckett and Joyce. Well done and cannot wait. There has only ever been one good thing about the Euro Song Contest and that is Terry Wogan’s commentary. Now there are two good things and both Irish. Yeah, way to go…..

  2. Grandad,

    Eurovision is the embodiment of all that is bad in popular television – participants who think that this is actually important (sorry, lads, have you been to sub-Saharan Africa and seen important stuff?), presenters whose insincerity oozes through every pore, and viewers who treat the thing as though it matters.

    The anarchist in me broke through last night and I voted for the turkey – the act was so bizarre, the diva and the dancers in absurdly tacky outfits, it was a huge thumbing of the nose to the whole process.

    I was disappointed that one British paper called him a Northsider, anyone who reads his Bebo page will know he is from Sallynoggin, a mile away from here

  3. Aineliva -I agree about Terry Wogan. He’s the only reason I ever watched the damn thing [if I did watch it]. I’d say Dustin is going to do great things for viewing figures if nothing else 😉

    Ian – Your article last night was brilliant. I can’t wait for someone to comment that ‘we did vote for Bertie’!!

    I confess that my vote was that of an anarchist.

    I saw that about the Northside. Any true Dubliner knows he started as a taxi triver and odd jobber. Favourite tool – a bit of two by four!!

  4. If it was a cross gender Turkey he would stand a better chance, any way he would do a sex change for the event?

  5. I think people who really appreciate music never really appreciated Eurovision, even though some songs were good.
    Today, Eurovison is something “Developed” nations laugh at and usually loose, while “Underdeveloped” look forward to because maybe that would put them back on the map of Europe again.
    Last year’s winner was a girl with a decent song, dressed in a suit, but because she wasn’t naked or pretty, Ryan Tubridy called her Dora ther Explorer, lesbian and few more things.
    The whole thing and every aspect of it, for both “Developed” and “Underdeveloped”, is just sad.

    Oh, and by the way, I do think Dustin could win.

  6. Flirty – He has gone one better. Apparently he is now a turkey/duck.

    Lunja – The whole thing is a farce. Counties voting for each other to a point where nearly every vote can be predicted? I think Dustin has an excellent chance, simply because he has sunk to their level.

  7. Yes, it could almost be predicted. The political situation in the Eastern Europe (especially in the Balkans, where I’m from) is so tense, that Eurovision also serves as a way of communication between the countries (We’ll give you a vote because we support Kosovo’s independence and things like that, not to go too deep in politics).
    But that has become the reality of the Eurovision, it changes as the politics change, it should be accepted as that, not constantly compared to the old times.

  8. Go ON the Dustin!

    I’ve always bin a fan of his, what between ‘The Briggan, the Brack, the Fermot and the ‘Noggin’, and his excellent version of ‘Rat Trap’ (Geldof take a wash, take a wash, take a wash…)

    Yer on’y man for de job. I’m glad he avoided being eaten all those Christmasses ago…

  9. RhodesTer – In past ‘performances’.

    Lunja – I have no problem with that at all. As long as they stop pretending that it’s a song contest.

    K8 – Bring the DART to Belgrade? Wha?

  10. Grandad – you get my douze points for your take on Dustin.

    I would guess that viewing figures for last night’s show were probably the highest ever – thanks to Dustin. As you say, Eurovision these days is a spectacle not a song contest and with respect to the other contestants, Dustin was the only thing worth watching last night. I can’t wait to hear what Terry Wogan makes of him!

    “G’wan ya good thing!”

    I could never imagine shouting that at the other turkey 😉

  11. I’m in agreement with Lunja here “I think people who really appreciate music never really appreciated Eurovision, even though some songs were good”. Unfortunately I missed last night’s extravaganza (rats, no social life in ages then everything happens at once) but caught the video on youtube, Oh boy oh boy. Interesting that ya chose to post about it Grandad 🙂 Actually, even more interesting your odiogo voice software picked up and pronounced shite perfectly, had a shot at g’wan but couldnt manage gimmickry at all, interesting the words that are international, food for thought!!!

  12. Charmed – I’m in complete agreement too. Those who remember the earlier years will doubtless remember a lot of the songs – “Waterloo” from Abba, “Puppet on a string”, “Those were the days” and lots more. All I can remember from the last few years though are the gimmicks – Dana International, and the trolls from a couple of years ago. I couldn’t tell you what they sang though.

    I hadn’t listened to Odiogo this time around. I often get a chuckle at its attempts as some of my more esoteric rants 😉

  13. Haha, we are saved the excruciation of Eurovision although I’m sure it’s aired somewhere in the wee hours. You should trot over to Ian’s place . . . great minds think alike (or fools never differ) take your pick!

  14. Baino – For the first time in decades, I’ll be looking forward to the Eurovision! As for trotting to Ian’s [which was a great post, incidentally]? The Irish Blog World lit up after the win. Most are saying the same as myself, though a few are annoyed [poor souls]

    Take a look. And that is a small selection!

  15. Grandad – I have sussed out your cunning plot with the voting an all…..Dustin winning the EV 2008 will mean Ireland hosting next year = lots of tourists = lots of tourists not returning home = you less some ammo. I know what you’re at…have to admire it though

  16. Hubby and i were MIGHTY confused, we did not even know what Eurovision was and when we saw Dustin, well we did not know what was going on, thanks for the insight. Feel much better now!

  17. Spaghetti – There is nothing wrong with drumming up a bit of extra trade. It’s called enterprise.

    Sneezy – They may be, but the song contest isn’t.

    Natalie – That’s quite all right. I don’t think anyone knows what the Eurovision is these days.

  18. Grandad,

    Thank you for the link, anyone clicking it will be utterly confused as to what Winston Churchill has to do with Dustin!

    I am kind of hoping that having cocked a snook at the European establishment on Eurovision, the Irish public might also vote down the Lisbon Treaty, not because I have any views for or against, (and the “Yes” campaign are helped greatly by Sinn Fein and Patricia McKenna urging a “No” vote), but because I don’t like the way that politicians in other countries have refused their people a right to vote on it. If it is a good deal, then let everyone have a vote – just like Eurovision.

  19. Ian – A hell of a lot! They both have the right idea about democracy. I am also supportive of the “Dustin for Taoiseach” movement.

  20. I was making dinner and was looking through the “Gallery” section of the Irish Times – the frame behind Dustin as he was performing his winning song was actually a transparent toilet seat with pictures of the Irish Eurovision winners!

  21. I didn’t notice it was a toilet seat, but I recognised the photos alright!

    Does anyone know what the actual voting percentages were????

  22. From Essex!
    It’s only hit England today! Dustin for the Eurovision with our Terry doing the commentry. What a combo. Keep a space for me at Euro2009. I’ll be back if I hafta swim. Let’s hear it for two be fours, Sallynoggin and the best bit of Irish for years. Go for it Dustin ya boyya, agus go n-eiri an t-ádh leat go fóil.

  23. Welcome, Walltoall! I would love to hear Terry Wogan’s opinion! I can’t wait for the night when he introduces a turkey to the stage [assuming he can stop laughing long enough 😉 ]

  24. Terry is our main man in Essex and all over England. He can take and give like a true blue. Eurovision will be only mighty this year. Terry will look after our very own “cearc fhrancach” as we goggle BBC.

    All we gotta do now is impress on them that Dustin is a South-sider.
    A white south-sider but I voted for him in in 1990, so what de eck

    I’m a black north-sider
    as in: De Oirish is the blacks of Europe.
    De Dubs is the blacks of Ireland.
    And de north-siders ..

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