Cold callers — 11 Comments

  1. Excellent! I like it. I used to tell them I’d go and get me (or whoever it was they wanted to speak to) and leave them hanging until they decided they’d be better off calling someone else. Then I felt mean and I stopped doing that. Going ex-directory is less hassle!

  2. Oh that’s way more fun than my boring way of getting rid of them. I wonder if I could pull it off without totally cracking up,lol…too funny!

  3. Quickroute – That is classic!!! I would love to be able to pull a stunt like that.

    JA – I might try that one. Though I’d put a slight variation on it – put it on speaker phone and then hold a conversation with someone in the room about nuisance callers?

    TT – American dollars. They’re worthless anyway…

    Tanya – Just convince yourself that what you are saying is true. I got quite irate with him in my quest to dispose of cash!!

  4. I haven’t gotten a live phone solicitor in YEARS over here.. it all seems to be computer generated these days, which is entirely infuriating because there’s nobody to tell “fuck off”.

    When you answer, a prerecorded message starts into a spiel and if you’d like to order whatever it is, you push #2 on your touch tome phone, or something.. I think.. I never got that far.

  5. A small child, with lots to say is very useful in these situations.

    Give said child phone and retreat to kitchen with large whiskey.

  6. I only have a cell phone. I haven’t had a landline phone since July 2005 and I haven’t had a cold call since.

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