Irish Blog Awards — 15 Comments

  1. Robert – It’s a graduation process. I was longlisted last year, and shortlisted this year. Next year I might even win something! 🙂

  2. Grandad..I’m so pleased for you…Well done.Will be rootin’ for you on the night unless I’m outside smoking with you.
    Bloody Great news.

  3. Aw, thanks! I would love to drop around to all 400 and wish everyone the best of luck, but I’m out of time..! 🙁

    Remember – The best craic will be outside the door. See you there, Bock & Co.

    [Grannymar will be around the back with Twenty]

  4. Hooraw for you Grandad and all the others who were short listed! I’m rooting for everyone ya’ know. That way the only the ones that already don’t like me will be the only ones that don’t like me after it’s all over. I’m an equal opportunity target.

    Anyone understand what the heck I just said?

    Seriously Grandad. Did you ever think this would happen when you first started this free-for-all just over a year ago? And now K8 is there as well. I’m impressed by all you folks. Good luck and best wishes then.

  5. I couldn’t believe they put me on 2 shortlists, the judges must be mad, hopefully I’ll see you and K8 there
    Good luck to everyone

  6. Roy – You’re driving K8 and me home. Remember?

    It looks like there is to be one hell [sic] of a bash on the pavement outside the hotel….

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