HSE solves mammogram crisis — 22 Comments

  1. You’ve gone beyond the call of duty my man, I’ll send my 90 year old granny around soon as

  2. OOh I’ll volunteer! Not often you get yer boobs felt for nothing. Oops…sounding a bit desperate there…

  3. In fairness Grandad I’d prefer that you had a look rather than some of the absolute TITS in charge of the HSE.

  4. LOL Isit!! I’ve always had a secret desire, when visiting any healthcare establishment and having to disrobe, to whip off my bra and shout ‘look! aren’t they splended!’. I never do though.

  5. Am I the only one still chortling with laughter at that picture? 😆

    It might be something to do with the fact that I had a mammogram last week and it wasn’t half as much fun as you make it look, Grandad.

  6. I reckon that beard would be a tad too itchy though… get the gillette out and I’m all yours. for a boob check of course.

  7. Bloody hell! I’m onto something here. 🙂

    But the beard stays, Annie. Just be grateful I’m not smoking the pipe.

  8. Dear Grandad,

    I have a coworker who would like to take advantage of the offer for a free boob check. This particular person is quite amicable and sports a triple-D cup.

    He weighs about 600 pounds…would that be a problem?

  9. You know that mammograms are recommended only for the over 50s, and those with a family history of cancer, right?
    You did?
    Fine, carry on.

  10. Hmm..Grand idea sir. Do you offer any sort of franchise deal for us poor bastards in the states? 🙂

  11. Robert S – I’d have to construct a new device for Jordan. Anyway, I don’t do plastic.

    SandH – That’s flab, not boobs. Easily confused by some.

    JC – I’m over 50. I’m not sexist. [But the earlier the scan is done in life, the better!]

    JD – You have McDonalds. Go away.

    Deborah – What are ya moaning about? Women!

    Wickles – It’s my nature. I can’t help it.

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