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  1. You were doing really well until you said “Are we going to be forced to become vegetarian because animals produce too much methane?”.

    Actually we will be forced to eat more of them to PREVENT methane. Which is a good thing. I invite you to join me in this club that I belong to called PETA.

    P=eople who

  2. Tasty animals, mmmmmmmmm

    I’m not convinced about global warming, particularly as the earth has been warming and cooling all on it’s own down the millennia, I reckon we’ll get hit by a meteor someday, that’ll be the end of it and all the unused hairspray cans won’t make a wit of a difference

  3. Being from Canada and with the entire country in a deep freeze with -50 degree and worse, I am not thinking that this global warming thing is all that bad.

    Just stand out on a corner anywhere in Canada and I think your perspective of Global Warming will change pretty quick.

  4. Cranky – Spot on. I like a bit of crispy roast pork myself, though I’ve gone off steaks lately. I am still a rampant carnivore though, and probably produce more methane than any cow.

    Roy – Exactly. Did Neolithic Man start banning cooking fires because they were coming out of an ice-age? I am just sick to the teeth of all this Political Correctness and people jumping on the latest bandwaggon.

    I’m in foul form today.

    Don’t mind me. 😐

  5. I have a PETA sweatshirt from People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.
    They were sued by the other PETA and were required to stop selling their shirts.
    In my opinion algore needs to be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity along with the rest of the clintonistas.

  6. But he invented the internets!!!

    I’m not going to mention that in the past I may have shared a table with a rabid vegan and mooed as I ate a rare steak in front of him. I have to deal with the fact that I grew up in Gore land, but luckily I escaped before the brainwashing took effect.

  7. Welcome Vic, and thanks!! 🙂

    Brianf – One of these days I may try PETT [People Eating Tasty Tourists]? Are you voting for Hillary then?

    S Mum – I forgot he invented the Interweb! Tim Berners-Lee must be still hopping.
    I have shared tables with vegans in the past where they wouldn’t even use a knife or fork that had once touch meat. They were great fun to dine out with!!!!

  8. Don’t get me started on the Green Party. They’ve caused me to have a few rants about them over at my own blog. Under the Politics category just in case any one wants to search for them.

  9. Robert – You needn’t worry too much about them. I doubt they’ll exist after the next election. I’m just utterly pissed off with this whole Eco thing. Every flaming thing is advertised now as being eco-friendly. I have had enough. I’m off to drop a 9″ concrete block [from a great height] onto Duncan Stewart.

  10. Oh they are almost certainly a dead party. I hate Bertie but I love the way he bitch slapped John Gormless over the incinerators.

    Methinks they will be going the way of the PD’s.

    Mehopes they will be!

  11. Jayzus! I thought I’d get flamed for this, but everyone agrees with me!!

    Maybe he won the Nobel Wanking Prize and they hadn’t the courage to tell him?

  12. I fuckin’ don’t. “Scientists are still divided as to the cause of global warming.” True. 99.9% agree that climate change is happening and is significantly due to man made emissions. .01% disagree. They are paid to by Exon. The top 2000 climatologists in the world just said so. But let’s (as always) have a bogey man to concentrate on and to divert attention away from the real issue. One question though. Just where do YOU get your denial info from. ps still luvvya old man.

  13. TT – We could throw links at each other all night [sounds like fun?] but in fact you are entirely missing the point of my post. Read it again, but just leave out the third paragraph.

    My whole post is in fact based on the supposition that he is right!

  14. those long life bulbs give such poor light we’ll all need glasses .and as you’ve noticed the ones most vocal about global warming are the ones who can afford alternative fuel sources and are the ones who travel most extensively they are also the ones who can afford laser surgery for their defective sight!

  15. I just love how all these trendy bunny huggers claim that 99.9% of everyone in the world agrees that global warming, oops, it’s now global climate change because it might be cooling but then again it might be warming but then again it’s all the fault of BIG fill-in-the-name-of-the-corporation-we-hate-this-week. They will then point out that everyone in the world is funded by Exxon(sp?) and uses, ‘fuzzy math’, except for the ones that adhere to the theory they espouse and the facts be damned.
    No matter who one may present to show the FACTS of algore looneyness the goofy bunny huggers will dig and dig and eventually find a connection to Exxon(sp?).
    The head of the National Meteorological Society has even come out and called in what it is, Horse Hockey but then again since the President is a republican and all republicans are funded by Exxon(sp?) then anyone working for the government must be funded by Exxon(sp?).
    That is the kind of so called logic these goofballs use.
    Let’s stay on message though. algore and his ranting about global warming is as truthful as a michael moore movie.

  16. All I was pointing out in my post is that if Gore is right and if global warming is down to humans, then why the fuck is he personally doing a hundred times more damage to the environment than the average person? I think he loves the fame more than the environment. Hence he is a wanker. Q.E.D.

  17. hey Grandad

    Love the blog, been a lurker for a while. Agreed if Al Gore is not practicing what he preaches, he deserves to be called on it. That said, focusing on him is exactly what the vested interests over here in the US do, (I’m Irish but I live in the US), attack the man not the message.

    As for the Global Warming doubters, what the fuck! How much proof do people need. I could send links, rattle off stats, talk about the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change etc but to those who don’t believe, it seems nothing short of complete catastrophe will convince them. The more science uncovers the more it proves that global warming is a fact and that we are at least part of the cause. Then there is the false assumption that working to overcome this will turn everyone into impoverished, dread locked, vegetarian tree huggers. The solution will be technological in the long run, behavior modification in the short, both will feed each other.

    BTW I am a vegetarian Prius driver. Not so much a tree hugger and defo no dreadlocks.

  18. How much proof? Well, how about the UN using accurate temperature readings for a start? They currently rely on ground stations, many of them in or close to built-up areas, thus skewing the overall picture. I believe that satellite readings are the most accurate but these aren’t used (because they’d refute the Changers?).

    Did you know that NASA readjusted their ten hottest years recently? Turns out that the 1930s were as hot as the 1990s. Also, the average temp since 1998 has been lower.

    There are many sites out there with credible, scientific challenges to the UN-led ‘consensus’. Try reading some of them instead of taking the ‘consensus’ at face value.

    Finally, I’m not trying to say we can just keep going on as before, but I’m sick of populist propaganda and attempts to scare people. It would be good if governments stopped making war machines, to begin with. And the coming recession might reduce the consumerist mania for a while.

    Oh, and for the Changers out there, here’s a few things to do right now:

    Get rid of your tv, car, iPod, computer, and all other non-essential electrical equipment. And, of course, don’t fly.

    Nice blog, Grandad, keep it up!

  19. Grandad,

    Having seen the impact of climate change in Africa, I don’t doubt it is taking place. My question is what if Gore et al are wrong and it’s not just a matter of carbon emissions? What if we meet our criteria (most of which in Ireland seem to be linked to increasing revenue for the Government) but it doesn’t change anything? What if the Earth is going through one of its periodic changes that will not be stopped by recycling the Irish Times? What Plan B is there? Where are we going to put the population of Bangladesh if the waters keep rising despite the fact that tofu and bean eaters have taken over the world? No-one will give me an answer.

  20. A comment for Brian ; if you will allow. Bush, Cheney, Rice et al; all oil people. Cheney, Halliburton, Iraq, billions of dollars spent and lost. You see no connection ? What f*cking planet do you live on ? Better to be a bunny hugging goofball than a moronic brain dead f*cking imbecile. Cheers.

  21. This is a casual observation, and I’m not pointing a finger at anyone, but is it a coincidence that the two “dissenters” [for want of a better word] are flying American flags? There seems to be a lot more doubt about the whole issue outside the States? It is also strange that the whole “Humans are fucking up the planet” bandwaggon started in the States, but they seem to take the least interest in doing anything about it? Again – I repeat – just a personal observation……

    Welcome John Mc! I agree that if there is a human element to the issue that technology will be the ultimate answer. I don’t think individual behaviour modification is going to be worth a squat though [the flea pissing in the ocean again]. What is the point of my driving a few miles less a week when 12 land highways in the States are packed to capacity every day? Why would my changing a lightbulb counteract the thousands of jet flights every day? I’m not a tree hugger, and I don’t have dreadlocks. But I do have a beard. Does that count? [actually – think of the megawatt hours I have saved in electric razor costs 😉 ]

    Paddy – Welcome to you too! I agree that we have become overdependent on gadgets and gizmos, but you can’t expect me to give up my computer?? Surely not?? No blog??

    Ian – You have hit a nail on the head. The Earth is going through a climate change. But then it has always been doing so. From the dawn of time, the climate has never remained static. We will probably be told in a hundred years time that mankind is driving the climate towards another ice-age. But I won’t be around then. So I don’t care!!

    TT – I ought to slap you in the wrist for that, but Brianf can well look after himself. Did you know he’s a firearms expert?

  22. How long does the concrete data regarding climate change go?

    Not very. And the fact is no one really knows. At the moment it is mere speculation. Rings on trees? Well try to find a tree over 100 years old? Ironically, if you happen to find one then cutting it down is not an option.

    There are cyclic weather patterns the most well known of which is El Nino. Hurricane season in the U.S. is another one that is well known. After hurricane katrina all those mighty scientists were predicting that it would get worse. Well hurricane season 2006 and 2007 proved to be a major disappointment. They way they were built up, I was sure the second coming of the apocalypse was about to wreak havoc on the Southern States of America.

    But I have no doubt that there are other cyclic weather patterns that we or any of our esteemed and eminent scientists have any ideas of yet.

    China are experiencing their coldest ever weather recorded in almost 100 years. Australia are recording their warmest in almost the same timeframe. Suffering a drought hitherto unknown of since the 1900’s!

    There is no doubt that we should be more aware of our environment. Conserving energy, recycling, and careful waste management is something we should all be aware of as it makes sound sense and slightly reduces our dependance on natural resources. Which is no doubt a good thing.

    As so far as pollution goes, I seriously doubt that any country in the Western World (excluding America & China) have seen or want to see a return to the days where in the first four decades of the 20th Century people in the major U.K. cities couldn’t see where they were walking because of the smog. Which of course led to ricketts and other nasty deformities. (The likes of which are rare now, in the Western world at least.)

    I seriously doubt that pollution (industrial pollution) today is anything other than a fraction of what it was from 200 to 60 years ago unless you live in darkest China.

    So to all tree huggers and the rest of us mere mortals I would advise following the mantra of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It make sense.

    Running around like chicken licken as the prophecy of doom makes no sense whatsoever at least until concrete evidence is available. All research that is being put forward now is only speculation and while I agree that it is important that attention should be given to this speculation, until the bigger picture is known then running around shouting that the sky is going to fall will only detract from the importance of any studies already underway.

    And of course those studies are important. Seeing as the ball is rolling regarding climate change it is well worth finding out more.

    For me the last great climatic calamity that we were all facing was in the late 1980’s and Acid Rain. Remember Acid Rain? Last time I saw a picture of Scandinavia the place was covered in forests! I was certain that Norway, Sweden and Finland would resemble something of a nuclear wasteland by now.

    The simple truth (and not a very inconvenient truth) is that for the moment climate change as a topic is being blown out of all proportion. But needless to say it is still a topic that is well worth researching.

    Excuse me now, I think an acorn just fell on my head.

  23. I like Al Gore without him we wouldn’t have the internet!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA- What’s a wanker? No really don’t tell me I’ll ask one of the fellow around here.

  24. Sorry didn’t mean to leave a duplicate- slow page load. Al Gore must be fixing the internet again…

  25. Fuck. I typed a long comment and wordpress ate it!

    The short(er) version:

    Grandad, it’s not so much about how little impact and individual has, (and many individuals may have great impact), its about a shift in perception. When many people change their habits, government and business follow. New opportunities for entrepreneurs and scientists are created and the effect snowballs.

    It’s interesting many of the comments above are identical to those I heard made by neo conservatives a few years back. There was some daylight in the science then, but huge strides have been made since, and every new progress shows that we are contributing, if not outright causing. A

    Robert – Its not about tree rings. Ice core samples from the Arctic and Antartic show the temperature over millennia. They show a dramatic change in the last few decades. Nor is it about pollution or acid rain. Pollution has been reduced in the west, but we are taking about green house gases which are not the same thing. C02 has increased. In fact cleaning up pollution has reduced global dimming allowing more sunlight to hit the earth, but it gets trapped by the Co2 and thus cleaning up pollution has actually sped up warming, (not that we should re-pollute!).

  26. WOW! I thought there would be a little tiff over this, but not this much!!

    Yiz are all still missing my point though.

    Whether or not global warming is man made or not – the very people who are screaming the loudest – the politicians and in particular, Al Gore are the worst offenders when it comes to reducing emissions.

    We are being told to switch to CFL bulbs and to switch TVs off at night, but government buildings stay floodlit all night burning up electricity like it was free. Major stretches of motorways are floodlit, when there is no reason. It’s hypocrisy.

  27. What scares me is that people just accept it for fact. Green has become a religion. Now while I am all for recycling, reducing waste and reducing electricity consumption, I don’t buy into the HYPOTHESIS of global warming. I do realise and accept that the climate is changing, as it has always done, but the fact that we are the primary cause is a little baby hypothesis. That means it is not even a theory (which byt the way, is still not a fact.) Yet, people are accepting this hypothesis as gospel. I don’t understand how the same people who rightly question government policies and things around them do not question this at all. It just is. End of story. THAT is scary. THAT is a cult-like environment. People blindly following a trend is terrifying. When we stop questioning things thrown at us, the world becomes a very dangerous place.

    The Scientific method ( is being employed here, but until the hypothesis is proven (and it has not been) it will not become a theory, and even when and if it does become a theory, it will still not be fact.

    Why do otherwise intelligent people not get this?

    Has anyone looked into the connection between Phillips (CFL Lightbulbs) and the Green Party? Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a connection there. €9 for a bulb (that’s approx $14 for you Americans) there has to be a conspiracy there. Especially considering I was up North in Sainsbury’s the other day and was able to purchase 3 for £1. Something amiss??? Just maybe.

    Good points made about funding, but I believe if you look into the pro-global warming studies you will find that they too have been funded by people who’s have it in their interest to find results that way. Until a completely objective study is done, we will never know, but since no one except the average Joe will gain anything from that, it’s not likely to happen.

    My $.02.

  28. Deborah – I cannot possibly add anything to that! My thoughts exactly. A very eloquent reply..

  29. What Deborah points out is correct, Global Warming is a hypothesis, an unproven one at that. I personally prefer the Global Dimming hypothesis instead. It seems far more logical.

    As for the Government – as usual, they try so hard to APPEAR as if they are actually DOING something. It’s far easier to pass a bill banning traditional bulbs (so they can APPEAR as if they are doing something about rising power costs, pollution etc.,). For example it would be a far more difficult thing for them to query years of bad building practices that has led to houses/apartments in this country being built with cheap materials and thus being barely insultated and costing small fortunes to heat.

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