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  1. Plastic bags still cost money though. Although a damn sight cheaper than a gucci made in some Chinese or Indonesian sweat shop.

    Come to think of it, they probably both cost the same to manufacture.

  2. Now there’s a government policy a cheap bastard like me can get behind! My sister in law is going to suffer the DTs like nothing on this earth. Seriously though, won’t you think about the children? With those policies they’ll all end up in the curtain-based apparel of the Von Trapp family for their First Holy Communion!

  3. ‘No one from was available for comment’

    They are out searching for the next MUST have! 😉

  4. Robert – Exactly!

    Thrift – I think it will have a lot of support. And what about the First Holy Communions? Let their mothers make something out of old net curtains. The amount spent on that and wedding dresses is mad.

    Grannymar – Who the hell decides what a MUST have is? And why must we have it?

  5. It recently occurred to me to wonder; why do credit cards exist at all anymore? They originally turned up (as charge cards, which couldn’t accumulate debt) more or less because the banks were incapable of cooperating enough to run a debit card system, but this is technically feasible now, and happens on a national level.

    Credit cards simply seem to be a legal way of giving large high-interest loans to people who can’t afford them.

    (Disclaimer: I have one, but use it only for paying for webhosting and similar.)

  6. Robert S – “Credit cards simply seem to be a legal way of giving large high-interest loans to people who can’t afford them

    Precisely. They are the ruination of many. [Disclaimer: I have one but only use it for buying things on-line]

    Granny – There is always the chair we used to use before you got arthritis?

  7. Indeed, such was my point (albeit couched in sarcasm). I despair at the excessive money spent on dresses bought for such occasions. I too refuse to run up credit card debt, therefore I am Prudent Scum.

  8. did you not hear…… EGG credit cards canceled over 200,000 credit cards , the beauts are in mourning!

  9. EGG credit cards were canceled for folk who payed in full every month, not allowing the bank to make any money from them.

    ‘Who the hell decides what a MUST have is?’ THEY do! 👿

  10. Plastic bags? Are they the latest Must Have? Carried by your own Spouse or Partner? Great! I want one! Does the Spouseorpartner get fined if he/she refuses to accompany you to the shops? And if your spouseorpartner is a woman, do you have to borrow someone else’s? Isn’t that going to be a bit problematic? So many questions make my poor head ache; I’m off to the shops for aspirin and a pair of shoes. Plastic ones.

  11. Grannymar – And here was I thinking it was the “Off The Rails” crowd!

    Cathy – If you don’t have a responsible escort, you won’t be served. Unaccompanied women under the age of 70 must bring a parent. It’s simple.

  12. Natalie – That’s about it. Unless you can persuade Brian Cowan to accompany you?

    Steph – At least it’s free!! No debts here…

  13. Hmm, I’m screwed if AIB follow in Egg’s footsteps; at this time, I _need_ a credit card to pay web hosting bills and a few other bits and pieces, but I have no interest in running up debt just to pay their bills.

    It’s not as if they don’t make money off people who don’t build up debt, anyway; they still get their 2%.

  14. “Men are sensible and have a natural aversion to shops. This ‘retail therapy’ is nothing more than spending for the sake of spending. It must be stopped.â€?

    I totally agree. I for one don’t own a credit card and have no need for one. (I just use Hubby’s) heh.

    Oh, and could we wait until mid-March to bring this legislation in? Only I need a new frock for the blog awards.

  15. One of the happiest days of my life was when I got rid of my credit card about 6 years ago. Once I had it paid off I cancelled it. I realised that I could just use my Laser card to pay my bills online.

    It did create a bit of consternation at work for when I was travelling. I refused point blank to get one. So an expenses cheque lodged into my bank was the way to go. However I did get caught out once up in Northern Ireland a couple of months ago as they don’t accept Laser up there, however a quick trip to an ATM resolved that pretty quickly.

    However I noticed more and more e-commerce sites now accept laser as payment which for me is an added bonus as I can’t spend what I don’t have.

    Interestingly, for the first time in 14 years I am debt free and intend to stay that way. That was probably the only advantage of being made redundant.

  16. I can’t, unfortunately… Laser doesn’t really work outside Ireland, and while the Maestro/Visa Debit things have promise, they don’t work very well internationally, for the time being.

  17. I got a lump sum back in 2001, and the first thing I did was pay off all my debts. For the first time in over thirty years I owed nothing! And I have kept it that way since. I do have a credit card which I use for on-line transactions but pay it in full every month.

    Laser does work abroad. I used mine in the UK and France with no problems at all. The only thing you have to check is that you have a Cirrus card [it will be stamped on the back].

    E Mum – Legislation comes in in April so you’re OK. So you are going to the Awards, huh?

  18. I has no uses for moneys- if I does I use fleasa.

    Poor beaut. Is nice bunch of mutts.

    I has memed Sandy (or Bruno if she not in mood)

  19. ‘Unaccompanied women under the age of 70 must bring a parent. ‘

    The best reason yet for me to find a Toyboy!!! 😆

    Going Abroad? NOTIFY your bank which country to expect the withdrawls from, or you might have a problem!

  20. Depending on who I can bribe to mind the smalls, yes, I might pop along for a glass of something bubbly x

  21. Haha I’m in the clear NO SPOUSE! Yowser. . .*sob* lots of credit debt and no shoes! What am I doing wrong?

  22. Grandad,

    I have a credit card I pay every month. I got a credit card because back in the 1990s I was trying to get to my grandad’s funeral and was at Heathrow airport at midnight, where they refused to hire me a car because I had no credit card, (I had a wad of cash but they wouldn’t take it).

    I am mystified as to why women spend so much.

    I am more mystified why E Mum needs someone to mind her underwear while coming around for a glass of something bubbly. Are there odd blokes on the loose in the mountains?

  23. Anyone concerned about about B Cowan’s rather liberal use of an s*** word, not very becoming of a politician, methinks. Talking of politicians, wasn’t it the old rogue himself (that’s the now departed CJ, not Briano) who had a fondness for designer shirts that cost more than the national debt. Maybe its the females who should be keeping an eye-out for the boy-shoppers?? Ha!

  24. Absurd.

    My husband (talented though he may be) will never understand the difference between slate and black or between midnight blue and navy.

    If I had him shopping with me how would I ever find a handbag to match my new shoes?


  25. Hey Grandad.
    I share your view and can largely, as you seem to, remain calm….up to the point where I realise that all of the time (and extra bucks) I’ve spent sorting and making sure my family’s waste is disposed of ethically STILL ends up in the local landfill Galway landfill.I can name the rubbish disposal company we use (CITY BIN CO) because they’ve admitted (been outed) that organic, plastic and foul rubbish they collect all ends up in THE SAME PIT.
    I’ve got to say that although I agreed with the Kyoto treaty in principle, when the government are unable to comply with the terms, it pisses me off that we (Irish People) are responsiblle for the resulting bill.
    I voted Green (yellow it seems now) in the election and it will be the last time I vote with my ideals to the fore.
    Gormeless I’d like to think but really, when a green td says that Bertie’s tax affairs are in order having gotten my vote by saying the opposite I think, not Gormless just Greedy.

  26. Welcome Isit? !! I have heard that about the recycling going into landfill too. One of the reasons I steamed off against Al Gore! 😉

  27. Oops Grandad, I’ve just noticed that I posted in the wrong place..forgive me.

    What has me steaming mostly re Al Gore is the fact that he’s encouraging me not to swithc on a light or fly to America while he has a private jet and by his own admission, his power bill for his home runs to thousands each year..go figure?

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