Did Darwin have his day? — 6 Comments

  1. Saw a muppet last night in a 1988 Toyota Corolla whip up the main street and up the hill by my house with a handbrake turn. I was almost willing the idiot to crash. And the place covered in ice!

    Whatever about himself, he could very easily take someone innocent with him. I’m seriously thinking about coating the road outside my place with nails at night time.

  2. How did you know the second car was a tourist? Did it have a large flashing sign with red letters announcing this fact?

  3. Now I know that as a young man, I never did anything quite as crazy as driving much too fast up a dangerous mountain in the snow. It would be just crazy. Unthinkable. Yep, sounds like my youth, not thinkin, and doing crazy dangerous things on the sides of mountains(or hills as we called em where I come from). Somehow, however, I escaped the wrath of Mr Darwin. So far at least.

  4. Robert – Two inch felt roofing nails are the lads for the job, and plenty of them [but remember to sweep ’em up before you drive out yourself!!].

    Brianf – I know a foreign registration plate when I see one. And it was left hand drive. I’m not stooopid.

    Scott – I think we all probably did crazy things. But the kids these days just have to be crazier. I blame MTV.

  5. Of course it does Olga. Usually [but not always] in winter. It rains too, the odd time. I thought you were well traveled?

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