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  1. Well you know what they say Grandad.

    “I am” is the shortest sentence is the English language.
    “I do”, on the other hand, is the longest.

    Oh, and I don’t believe you for a second. I’m sure you still hold hands and smooch like acne plagued teenagers.

  2. TBA – I thought “Fuck” was the shortest sentence? Though it can be taken in a variety of meanings?

    I’m sure you still hold hands and smooch like acne plagued teenagers

    😆 Yeah, roish!

  3. Terty-tree ay? It was our 11th yesterday. There’s some symmetry there somewhere 😉

    It’s great to see you are both still happy with each other 😀

  4. Congratulations to you and Herself 🙂

    You’ve reminded me that it’s my mum and dad’s anniversary next week, so you’ve got me out of a bit of trouble! And, if I think about it, they’ve been married for about… 33 years. There must have been something in the air that year 😉

  5. Grandad,

    I’m just in from conducting a wedding. Perhaps I should have sent the groom to you for tips on feinting to the left as the crockery comes across the room.

    We are 25 years married later this year, doesn’t seem like that.

    Happy anniversary, ye aul’ chancer.

    PS The bride today arranged her wedding for her birthday – he can’t possibly forget both!

  6. Crime of passion??? Congrats grandad, I thought my 15 years in December was a major achievement ;(

  7. TT – Bang on. I get to do all the hard work for the day!

    Scott – You have depressed me! One billion seconds. Jayzus!

    Red – Thanks 🙂

    Jen – It’s all part of the service here at Head Rambles. I thing it was a bad batch of pot that year?

    Ian – I can give lectures? €1,000 per hour. 25 years is nuttin’. And isn’t Yer Wan a cute hoor?!!

    TT [again] – Feck off!

    Natalie – Crime of non-passion?

  8. You are indeed fortunate. I only had the opportunity to celebrate 9 fantastic years! (um just about the lifespan of a good quality teflon coated) I envy you. Hearty congratulations and I wish you many more . . . just learn how to duck.

  9. Baino – As you say yourself they were 9 fantastic years, and that’s what counts. As for learning to duck? I did that during the courtship.

  10. Congrats Grandad 🙂 I celebrated the 31st anniversary in December. Long term marriages seem to be few & far between nowadays.

  11. Thanks Jayne! I must say that I know a lot more divorced and separated people from my youth than married couples. Sad….

  12. Congratulations- but your time is almost up you must know. My Dad was married 36 years and it killed him. So enjoy the last few years of your life while you can.

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