Day two — 11 Comments

  1. What the hell?! I go away to Scotland for a respite and come back to this? I even bought a pipe from a store on the Royal Mile!

    A couple of days I am gone and all hell breaks loose. This is the last time I am going to leave the embassy. It is this kind of stuff that I feared would happen when I am not around.

    People start slacking off!

  2. I blinked and the internet changed, seas rose, empires fell, a dog and a cat fell in love and eloped – and all this time I found out that Head Rambles was really a secret drug empire, with some kind of Adonis, this man of men at its head.

    I feel so let down, yet strangely aroused by this notion of Head Rambles with the head 🙂

  3. It’s a dog’s life 🙁

    We’re left drooling with no reward while you’re having your cake, and eating it!

    Enjoy the break, Grandad

  4. Are you home or is this a mirage?

    Maybe you have died and gone to Hell…. Is it hot down there?

  5. Grandad, come back we need you or John Waters will take over the world… please Grandad we will give you what ever you demand….

  6. He’s really gone by the way. He just wrote up all these silly “once a day” posts ahead of time and scheduled them to publish automatically. Unfortunately he completely blows it by responding to comments. Personally I think he finally did something rather permanent about all the noise next door, someone saw what it was and he’s on the lam.

    Hope Sandy’s alright.

  7. I’d bet he’s in London meeting with the Queen.
    Being the big time celebrity he is and all, ya’ know!

  8. Son! Come sit down this instant!

    Okay – I see you are pulling the old ‘see-how-miserable-your-life-without-me-is’ ploy again.

    Now we talked about this the last time you did it.

    It’s not funny, son. And it comes across as a lazy way of generating interest for your blog. Please, please – try a trusted method: link to scantily clad womenn studying algebra; have an affair with another well-know blogger…right, sorry: should have specified FEMALE blooger; upgrade your weaponry in your eternal war on tourism; run a contest where you give away something meaningful; hell, even go out and really shoot a tourist instead of just grousing about it! But for pity’s sake, give up this nonsense about not blogging anymore.

    Okay, that’s enough. i want you to go to your room and think long and hard on what we just talked about.

    And wash your hands.

  9. Kirk,

    He’s on the run? I misread lam for Iom yesterday and assumed he was in the Isle of Man, this is a popular place for Irish people with money in suitcases. One local government official once had £300,000 cash in his bag.

    Of course, he could be on the lam on the Iom.

  10. And just when I kick the nicotine and caffeine habits, you go AWOL on me! What’s up with that? 🙂

    Somebody pass me a Pint of Guinness, a shot of Jameson, and a Red Bull! 🙂 I never said I gave up drinkin’.

    So what gives? Where ya at, Grandad?

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