Day one — 17 Comments

  1. It’s not easy. I’ve been kicking the dog in frustration all morning.

    And I don’t have a dog, so whoever it was I’ve been kicking all day, I’m sorry.

  2. I’m not too worried, the auld computer will kick in and save the day, just like before when Grandad was on his holiers!

  3. Ok, so I got the heroin and the spoon and the pack of matches but what am I suppose to do with this needle?

  4. First of all I have to suffer the indignity of deportation travel a long journey, but then my trial dinner is postponed. I am allowed one phonecall decide to connect to the Interweb and then find you are playing Daniel O’Donnell at me. THAT IS NOT FAIR. Stoppit.

    I have got a very good barrister car, and I hope to be back soon. They are treating me very well here in [censored by the Governor].

    Keep the faith.


  5. Grandad,

    You’re appearing with a British ISP. What are you doing outside of the jurisdiction? I’m sure that breaks the terms of your bail. CAB will seize all your assets while you are away if they find out.

  6. Stop playing with us. It’s just plain cruel. Think you’d appreciate us more. (did ya’ get the cake or what?).

    Have fun in prison and watch out for that big guy named Brucey. He’ll want to be your buddy (tell him I said hello and thanks for the Christmas card. I plan to shoot him when his time is up).

  7. Do you really have nearly 30,000 comments on this blog or did you hack the code? My last comment was #28997. I think you hacked the code.

  8. OFTR – Many thanks for the file with the cake baked into it.

    KirkM – Yes. I got the cake/file. I met Brucie briefly [he sends his love, and can you send him an unwashed old pair of underpants?], but struck up a nice relationship with ‘Bog Boy’. He was sorry to see me go and cried copiously. To hack my code would be a sin, so the figure you have is accurate. But don’t forget – I have an ardent following of spammers.

    Ian – Apres the cake/file, I’m on the lam. Can’t stay on-line too long. They can trace these things. Even to the wilds of Bodmin.

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