Blogging addiction and withdrawals — 20 Comments

  1. Why don’tya just give Snady your passwords? That way she and Wouldye can blog about the trials and tribulations of dog biscuits.

    See you in 25,874 seconds.

  2. You have a compromising picture of the Minister for Justice with Mary Harney? That’s sick! 🙂

  3. Adieu
    Au Revoir
    Auf Wiedersehen
    So long.

    Be back soon!

  4. Ah ya can’t go, not just after I’ve found you.

    *starts campaign*

    Down with this sort of thing.

  5. I’ll buy you a pint and a pouch if you will put up a referral page to my site.

    I’ll correspond with Herself to keep her company. I might even shoot her a picture of myself once in a while

    I’ll keep K8 on the straight and narr… no, that’s going to far. I’ll keep an eye on K8.

    Yeah, I would do that for you.

    God Bless America.

  6. I hope it IS a lot sooner than I think. I only found your blog two weeks ago but you’ve grown on me.

    First comment by the way – thought you needed a Canadian flag in that list.

  7. “I have to go away for a while.

    I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone”.

    Don’t forget your woolly hat. It can be very cold in the Antarctic! 😀

  8. Right so. Good luck now. Remember: Stay close to the wall and mind the buses.

    ps. Eh, before you go … can I have one of your machine guns? Next door are opening up a B&B this weekend.

  9. It’s for killing that tourist, right? Mind you, four years seems long for murder in this day and age. Perhaps it’s extended for fouling up the landfill with dead bodies…

  10. It’s the litter charges that got him – all those shell cases. Littering is only permissible for certain groups.

    Skiing is a good displacement activity for blogging, though I met a man who had his Blackberry with him on the piste. He fell over backwards and tore his calf muscle and had to be collected by a skiddoo

  11. Oh that’s blinding innit? Here I’ve been trawling through your archives, reading up on you rather splendid blog & now you’re going away. *sigh*. Oh well, I s’pose it gives me time to catch up on a few more months worth of posts 🙂
    Oh, just in case you’re wanting to ‘dispose’ of any arms or ammo, could you please send something my way? There are a heap of drivers here who need teaching a bit of respect. Either that, or they revert back to using camels.

  12. No. No no no no NOOOOO! It can’t be happening! Tell me it ain’t so! Oh, and I’ve noticed I’m neither in the A list or the blog section. Am I listed under ‘losers’??!! xx

  13. Where do I send the cake with the file and plastic explosives buried in it? Oh wait…you posted again already…never mind then.

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