Compulsory abortion — 18 Comments

  1. I am going to hire this guy as the new Minister of Education at the Canuckastan Embassy. Ministers tend to get shot a lot. But don’t tell him!

  2. Cranky – You’d want to grab him fast. I’d say he has his sights on the top job in Australia. If he can see through his famous glasses, that is.

    Brianf – They are now! I caught myself bitch-slapping my screen when I saw him first.

  3. A pretentious twat, sure, but probably not more so than many other teenagers. What surprised me was how well he dealt with that awful interviewer. I think I would probably have been a lot ruder than he was and the way he took control of the interview was masterful.

    That said, he’d be the prime candidate to take part in my proposed 50 week school year (boarding compulsory).

  4. Made be laugh when I saw this last night, the poor parents but he does have a huge career ahead of him as a party planner!

  5. I most certainly didn’t see him take control of any interview, and I think describing him as masterful credits him with an IQ greater than a rabid wesel.

    I would take extreme measures like making him listen to Westlife for hours and then a marathon session of Fair City.

    On a serious note his parents need to take some responsibility for dragging up this sorry excuse for a human being, I tend to dislike most things American but the idea of Military School is growing on me.

  6. Thrifty – No affiliation at all. I had a look The Chaps. They are merely pretenders to the throne. Waxed moustaches, for God’s sake! They lake the age maturity and experience to be in my class. They are wannabe Bertie Woosters.

  7. he didn’t take any nonsense from yer wan, of course his party idea is as stupid as it gets, but I admire him fighting his corner, while dressed up like a clown in a circus at the same time.

  8. The kid is an idiot for certain…however the interviewer was a tad ridiculous too. I dont know how she thought she could shame someone who obviously has none…and she looked very silly in the attempt.

    I feel badly for his parents, although they must have known he wasnt playing with a full deck.

    His glasses are famous? Is that an Australian thing??

  9. Ah come on, the kid’s a legend! You know his parents are never coming back, to face a twenty grand fine! I see a MTV reality show in his future

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