Gmina Biskupice – The Album — 22 Comments

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding and show your appreciation for Fatman the Human Flying Saucer who will now play, for you the good people of the blogsphere, songs from their latest hit album ‘by strength, but perseverance’.

  2. That’s an interesting one alright. Might have a go myself but my art skills are sadly lacking.

    I actually managed to fail art in my Junior Cert!

  3. OK, Bad Ass – Let’s see your effort!! 😉

    Robert – At least it’s better than ‘8 things you don’t want to know about me’!!

  4. Thanks for this one, Grandad. I had a go and, the minute I saw the photo, I knew I had to publish it. Check out the result.

  5. Nice one Karyn! You got a good photo all right. Mine was a bit bland so I hacked it a little bit to give it a bit of texture. I suppose I could have cheated!! 😉

  6. Climbing the charts with a bullet. Coming in at number 25. It’s DSCAM singing their latest hit “Moment before it’s gone”.
    (Thanks for changing my flag back to normal)

  7. Ahh Grandad, you’re too good to me. I am off to HMV to buy your new album right now.

    Also I would like to say that this entire meme was worth it JUST for the hilarity of hearing Odiogo read out Olga the Travelling Bra.

  8. Ah! Thanks Sabrina. Also available on Amazon.

    I changed to Odiogo this morning. I was tired of sounding like a woman!

  9. Is someone making fun of my name? Who’s Odiogo and do I need to have a little chat with him/her?

    I love your CD cover Grandad….very “New Age-y”

  10. Odiogo is a man and he has a beard. So lay off him. He’s fine. He sits here and reads out the text whenever someone clicks the little button.

    Are you going to buy my CD?

  11. I think I’ll have a go around with this one. The thing that decided me was the 3 things I turned up that I’m supposed to use. Of course I have all the artistic talent of a dead horse but that makes it more of a challenge right? I’ll see if I can turn this out before Spring arrives. 😛

  12. Ooooo – I looooove men with beards! Does he speak with an English, Irish or American accent?

    How can I get ahold of an autographed copy of your CD?

  13. OK, Bad Ass – Let’s see your effort!!

    That wasn’t part of the deal Grandad… that wasn’t PAAAARRRRRTTT!

    I have all the artistic talent of a small stoat with blurred vision.

  14. KirkM – Normally, I’m lukewarm about memes, but this one was so different, and it had that nice element of random chance, that I had to go for it. It’s all a matter of luck!

    Olga – We’ll have to get together so! He has an American accent, but we can’t all be perfect. Autographed copies of the album are now available priced at $5,000 in used notes to be sent in a brown envelope.

    Sue – How come everyone got great names, quotes and images? And I was stuck with ‘Gmina Biskupice’? I think everyone cheated 😉

    John B – See my comment to Sue 🙂 Yours is brilliant.

    Bad Ass – Don’t do it then. I have a pet stoat with glaucoma who has his work hanging in the National Gallery.

  15. Alrighty then. Here’s my effort for all to see. Presenting: So you think you can dance‘s first album–“Seems more like astronomy.

    Had a lot of fun with this one. I think we ought to start a collection of these “albums” and sell them on Ebay. Just print out the covers in a size that will fit inside a jewel case and send them to me. I’ll stuff ’em full of copies of “Boxcar Willie’s Greatest Hits”.

    BTW, I nailed Sixty with this one. No telling what that twisted individual will come up with.

  16. Oh fardles! Sixty just emailed me and said he already did it. How could I possibly tell when he posts about 12 times a day? Phooey I say!

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