Big Brother is watching. — 26 Comments

  1. Help yourself. There’s no password on the WiFi.

    I suppose this is because you can’t see into our backyard any more?

  2. Grannymar – 😆

    Neighbour – Thanks. I already have. I’m going to mount web-cams on the chimney next….

  3. I see you are a fan of textpad too. Great text editor.

    Of course I only mentioned that because I need more a few more comments to get my name larger than Grannymars on your cloud page 😉

  4. Robert – I wouldn’t use anything else! I think you have a little bit of work to do if you want to catch up with Grannymar. Of course I can ban her off the list, like I banned myself..?

  5. Hmmm, I think I need to follow Robert’s lead in trying to reach the dizzying levels of Grannymar’s font size…

  6. Cathy – I had to modify the plugin. The default font size had “GRAN” in enormous letters before it vanished off the screen!!

  7. And you’re commenting like the clappers just to make your name even bigger. How vain can you get?

  8. That Community Cloud plugin’s is pretty good isn’t it? And now I can see what plugins you use as well. Actually, we’re the only two that I know of that use this plugin at least in all the sites I visit. Guess that makes us even more unique than we already are (derogatory remarks welcomed).

    Oh, and I notice I’ve made the “A-list”. I’m honored sir. It’s the one “A-list” I can tolerate being part of. My goal is to keep blogging as long as I can make out the individual keys on my keyboard and not achieve any sort of “Pro-anything” type recognition whatsoever. That’s a rather righteous and honorable goal don’t you agree? 😛

  9. Grannymar – and the bigger you are (in font size), the harder you fall 🙁

    Grandad – I like the ? after Friends 🙂

    As regards Herself still being under trial – you sure make decisions quickly 😉

  10. Kirk – Of course you’re A-List. What else would you be? You just keep on truckin’

    Steph – One can’t be too careful, either about friends[?] or Herself.

  11. That is totally – totally cool, Grandad! I reckon Grannymar is your bestest friend? 🙂 I guess if I ever go blind, I can still read your blog. Too Cool! An Ozzy female voice would be that much more hilarious! 🙂

    I’ve got to comment more, instead of lurking in the proverbial shadows. I’ve only made 53….make that 54 comments!

  12. We use “Go To” Assist and Meeting so others can toy with our desktops for training and diagnostic purposes. It’s great but of course you have to give them permission to tinker.

  13. Honoured to be on the A-List as well, and afraid to write anything else now, ever, in case you take me off it.

    If I make the cloud in the same week as well, I’ll most likely wet myself.

  14. Damn Grandad- I wish I wouldn’t have listened to the blog talking, you sounded like my old Kindergarten teacher. I was hoping you would curse me out like my dead dad used to do.

    Hmmm selling all your stuff on eBay- that’s my other gig. If you ever get a chance check out my blog about vintage crap I sell on eBay. It’s called

    Thanks for dropping by.

  15. I have a fun and EASY meme for you over on my blog if you care to indulge! 🙂

  16. All our PC’s in work are interlinked so we can see what each other are doing, if we wanted. I don’t open anyones unless i need something but some little sneaks have them open all day.

  17. Cranky – That is the tidiest desktop I have. I never use the desktop anyway. It’s always covered!

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