I am going to kill my daughter — 20 Comments

  1. Exactly the way I feel. But at least for my one suffering, I can make five others suffer, which isn’t a bad return on investment.

  2. Grandad – no need to kill K8!

    I’m delighted to have been alerted to your posts on FAMILY

    I was having a bad day and along came LaughingBoy and brightened up the world.

    Thanks to you, and K8 and especially LaughingBoy for some very special thoughts 🙂

  3. Best part of this post was the computer voice reading! Very funny. Will you ever record a post in your own voice? A couple of us think you have a pretty cool accent.

  4. Steph – I’m delighted to hear it. He has that effect on all of us.

    Sixty – Waddya mean “best part of this post was the voice reading”? You don’t like the content? I have recorded posts in my own voice, but it’s boring. Which voice do you like anyway? Mine, or the one with my nuts in a vice and an American accent?

  5. Hoor my arse. Beautifully excecuted though. And in such a perfectly half-assed way, too. I also love the way you blatently thieved my format! Or would that be your cue for your “Great minds…” reply?

    Behind every successful man is a daughter rolling her eyes.

  6. I will not hoor your arse! I have never seen so many backhanded compliments in such a short space. I thieved your format in the same way you thieved it.

    What are ya bitchin’ about? I did it. Diddle I?

  7. @Grandad: I’m sorry you have to kill your daughter.

    @K8: Are ya’ dead yet? If so, what’s it like?

    @Grandad: Why is your sidebar stuck under your posts all the way down at the bottom of the page all by it’s lonesome. Was it bad? (as seen in Firefox 2 and 3 [nightly builds] and IE 7.0) Just wondering.

  8. Grandad – I dunno how to do a meme!!! Gulp, will have to learn fast so don’t think I am ignoring it!!!

  9. KirkM – I let her off this time because I thought Read Hambles was funny! The sidebar was sent to the naughty step because it gave me cheek when I installed a plugin. It has apologised, and is now back in its rightful place.

    Natalie – You have never done a meme? What? 😮 I’ll send you all mine from now on. All you have to do is follow my example [pick out a post you have written on each subject and link to it – easy peasy]. Then you get the chance to plague five others!!

  10. I am a low key blogger 😉 I was very pleased to be ‘picked”, now I am not too sure… but it is 11:15 Monday morning and I have finally figured it all out and am almost ready to post! So I have learned something today -thanks grandad!

  11. Because you gave me a fabulously entertaining interview on a day when I had nothing… I’ll do it.

    Plus I get to punish five other people!

  12. Sue – Fabulously entertaining? Wow!! Can I be a Hollywood Writer?

    The only thing I like about memes is annoying other people 👿

  13. Yes Grandad, the writers are getting a lot of exercise these days. They walk about 20 hours a week.

    The only issue is that there’s no smoking within 20 feet of a public building in Los Angeles and Burbank.

    So I guess you’d have to be a waiter like the rest of them. Do you own a pair of skinny jeans that show off your hip bones?

  14. Sue – I am a waiter. I have been waiting all my life. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for though…

    As for the smoking thing, it was you lot of *8^%0%!”s who started the whole thing. I’ll never forgive you for that. And nor will the French.

    Olga – Sorry about that. I will certainly tag you [but only if no one is looking].

  15. Ooh. For some reason I didn’t get this link. Mucho flattered though. Righto, I’ll get Bertie onto it straight away. Oh, and news flash – his new girlfriend is arriving today as well! – what a busy boy! xx

  16. All you are supposed to do is provide links to previous posts under the respective categories. Bertie will understand. But then, as you say, he’ll have other things on his mind at the moment!!

  17. Oh sorry, I mean I didn’t receive the link, rather than I didn’t ‘get’ the link. Bertie’s hard at it. Working on the meme that is. Heh.

  18. No worries – I’m just checking to see how often you read this 😉

    Bertie is going to have a tiring day!

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