In search of Sandy's hole — 22 Comments

  1. Poor Sandy! She does have feelings you know. Maybe you are jealous. 😉

    Adopt Fizz or get another dog to keep her company.

    Afterall you have a soulmate!

  2. I know she has feelings.

    Fizz is a lovely little dog but I’m sure his family love him too!

    And my soulmate is Sandy……

  3. Jealousy! I was right.

    Buy Sandy a Doggie Car and that way she will use the front gate.

    Remember the fun you had in a mini in a previous life!

  4. That photo is so sweet but tell Bruno to smile the next time 🙂

    “Our Sandy is very intelligent”

    I think Sandy’s trying to tell you something, Grandad.

    If you let her have another go at the keyboard, she might be able to tell you 😉

  5. Grannymar – The new fence is in, and I’m frozen. We also had a game of tennis as compensation. I am shortly going to let her drive down to the village to get the paper. What more can I do?

    Steph – Sorry about the photo. Sandy is very shy about being photographed with Bruno, and she always moves. Bruno only looks happy when Sandy is humping him, and I’m not going to photograph that!

    If she behaves herself, I’ll let her do another blog sometime.

  6. Talking about computer literate dogs, my dog leaves comments on my blog. And they’re usually the more insightful ones.

  7. You’ve just accurately described one of the dogs I owned about 15 years ago. My favorite out of all of them. Had to keep her in the large backyard of a house I owned in Connecticut. She was amazingly intelligent also with many talents and a fantastic sense of humor (she liked to drive the truck). And she kept digging under the fence and getting out. Even after I sunk 2-1/2 feet of chicken wire into the ground underneath that picket fence she still tunneled out.

    I lost her to the busy country road that passed by my place shortly after she turned 3 and I still miss her to this day.

    Her name was Sandy.

  8. KirkM – That has freaked me a bit! Maybe our Sandy is a reincarnation? If only it were possible to teach dogs that it’s for their own good. I keep telling her, and she always has a conscience when she comes back, but I worry too much about her.

    People have suggested I install one of those electronic things that activates a collar when she crosses the line, but the garden is too big. And she’d probably find a way of switching it off!

    We had a dog that had to be put to sleep about six years ago. I still miss her, and Sandy has a peculiar howl that she makes when she sees a similar dog, even to this day.

  9. Grandad,

    I’ll freely admit to anyone that I love animals but sometimes my 4 legged companions freak me out a bit. Hope you find that hole.

  10. I found it. I knew where it was, and so did Sandy. I kept sealing it, and she kept opening it. But now I have re-fenced the entire stretch with yet another layer of wire netting.
    I will freely admit that animals [in particular, dogs] mean more to me than a lot of people!!!!!

  11. “I will freely admit that animals [in particular, dogs] mean more to me than a lot of people!!!!!”

    Hear, hear, sir! I say…

  12. K8 – I didn’t bloke it [I’ll leave that to you]. I blocked it. She was so happy after, she had a mad fit around the garden.

    KirkM – You are a true gentleman!

  13. Grandad, our dogs have the electronic collars. They are free to roam about 3 of our 5 acres before they get a ‘beep’ then a ‘blast’ from the collar. It took a little training (read shock treatment) to get them used to the idea but it works. It only has to happen once! Although Lily sometimes is sooooo tempted by wondering dogs chasing bunnies in the back paddock that it’s worth being zapped to go and play! I’ve picked her up from various vets 3 times as doogooders handed her in whilst straying on busy roads (the dog not the doogooders)

  14. I’d love to see Sandy’s version of this account on HER blog. Is the link in your sidebar somewhere?

  15. Grandad,
    Rather than wire netting why not try some concertina wire and land mines or at least some pungy sticks dipped in rat poison. Maybe you could build one of those overly complicated contraptions one sees in movies. You know Sandy steps on a trip wire and something full of spikes and handgrenades come swinging out of the trees. Wait, why not just ask your local constabulary to patrol your property line 24/7? You could always call the RAF and see if they will do flyovers or you could implant Sandy with a GPS chip and keep track of her whereabouts on your laptop.

  16. Love your blog, you remind me of my dead father. Near as I can tell the only differences between you and he are; he wasn’t Irish and you probably aren’t a dope smoking hippy. Damn I miss him- passed this May.

  17. Our Cleo was hit by a car when she was about six months old. She wasn’t hurt badly, but it left her terrified of cars – when a car approaches she jumps into the ditch, crawls in as far as she can on her belly and puts her paws over her face. At least she can go visit the neighbours and we don’t have to worry about her getting knocked down.

  18. Baino – I must drop you a mail about that! We have considered it, but they are difficult to get here, as far as I can find out.

    Brianf – You’re one sadistic b*st*rd. I keep that kind of thing for Herself and K8.

    Michelle – Thank you for your kind words, and I’m sorry about your father. You’re right – we are different – I’m Irish!

    Caro – It’s a harsh but effective way of teaching them. I wouldn’t wish any pain on Sandy, but if only she could have some kind of scare with cars……

  19. I can understand your issue. The Royal Hound Winston is totally oblivious to traffic. That dog has been living around the world with me. All over Canada, Bermuda and now Ireland. The fact that it cost me 2,400.00 CDN to get that dog (who is afraid of mice) over here to Ireland is a testament to how stupid I am, I mean how important he is to us.

    But the spooky part of all this. I LISTENED to your post. I suggest you get yourself to Thailand and operate as a girly boy from the sounds of it.

    Fun and Profit 😉

    All the Best

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