You have mail! — 12 Comments

  1. Send me that link. I want a Doctorate in Xylology. Tasha eh? I only get mails from people who say I should increase the size of me mickey.

  2. It’s a phone number, Jack. Try it! If you want mickey pills, I have tons of the damn things.

    Annie – Nice idea, but how many of us would fit in a postbox?

  3. There are strange goings on altogether. Since coming back my inbox in full of Mailer failure notices to various Viagra companies, I swear I didn’t send them.

  4. ‘Annie – Nice idea, but how many of us would fit in a postbox?’

    YOU FOUND IT! Now before you lose it again put down your arms and use it! 😉

  5. Nonny – Are you sure? Absolutely sure? You can be honest with me…

    Grannymar – You’re confusing me again. Put down my arms?

    Ian – Sh*t. I made that address up on the spur of the moment. I hope they don’t have a Tasha on the payroll!!

  6. @JackMcMad,

    Are those emails form some tart named “LaraElephantineMember”? I get mail form her and her similarly named friends all the time.

  7. Grannymar – My arms are guns? After all I have been saying to SandH about the Americans? And I thought they were just yokes for stopping my hands falling off!

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