Irish Blog Awards — 23 Comments

  1. I thought it was like all the electorial voting in Ireland – a Great Big Secret where you put your X. 😉

  2. I still can’t get my head around this voting lark.

    Why can’t we all just… get along?

  3. Grannymar – No harm in a mention or two. And who says electoral voting is secret?

    K8 – ‘Tis all a bit of craic. And we do get along. Don’t we?

  4. I’d love to help – but I only read a handful of blogs regularly so my choices would be limited to a few people.

    For what it is worth I whole heartedly agree with all your selections so far!

  5. Hmmm I am in agreement with you on K8 and the Humble House Wife. Most humorous and best post will have to be your lovely self. I will also be voting for Emerald Bile ( as it is most entertaining indeed. They should have a most original category shouldn’t they?

  6. There ya go now, K8 and Grannymar – a blog I hadn’t come across before 🙂

    And, Nonny, if you’re voting for this site, you need your head examined.

  7. huh? again? didn’t you just win this a few weeks ago?

    are the years getting shorter, or are there hundreds of these things?

  8. Grandad! haven’t been living in a desert, just golfing: temps in high 40s (F) today, 50s and 60s tomorrow and Saturday.


    Oh, that’s right – a wee bit of snow arrived your way, correct?

  9. Grandad – have you taken your woolly hat off? I recommend Head & Shoulders for that dandruff 😉

  10. Doc, you old ****. Where have you been? So I take it from the temperatures, you have finally ended up in hell?

    Yes a wee bit of snow today. It has leaked into my website somehow, in case anyone is wondering. It’s not dandruff, Steph. If it piles up on your keyboard, you can either make snowballs with it, or let it melt.

  11. Grandad,

    If the bloke on the right of that picture had a blue woolly hat and a pipe, he would look familiar.

  12. Thank you for the mention, Grandad. Appreciate it, plust it’s very flattering. I’m enjoying the snowfall over here at Chez Rambles!

  13. Geez! Another damn Irish Blogging Awards show. Well I’m voting for K8, you and Grannymar but not in that order.

  14. Great minds think alike eh Grandad? I’d say you have a couple of good ones yourself for those categories??? Thanks for the mention! 😉

  15. Sabrina – You’re welcome 🙂 I only flatter when it’s due. The snowfall is a bit late this year. It was supposed to start a week ago. Global Warming?

    Brianf – Yup. And thanks. [I think?]

    Deborah – My mind is still a blank. Anyone know when the nominations close?

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