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  1. That’s a real gem, Grandad. Thanks for sharing it

    Here’s to lots more happy (senior) moments in 2008! 😀

  2. Grannymar – I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing like a hug [unless it’s from a bear].
    That’s a lovely post. Ah! The good old days when a shag was a shag.

  3. She scared the holy granola out of me earlier when she dissapeared from the road (again). I wandered up and down and around the entire housing estate searching for half an hour, then stood forlornly in front of the house wondering what to do.

    A woman far away shouted to me and asked if I was looking for a little girl, so I went over.

    Turns out my little precious had found a little boy so had broken into his house to play with him. She must get that from TAT! I’ll have to be REALLY careful with that kid later.

  4. Awwwwww.
    My favorite puppychild story is when she said “Fweeze.”
    K8: Like Mommy like Daughter?

  5. I’ll have to be REALLY careful with that kid later.

    I’d be much happier if you were really careful NOW.
    Have you thought about electronic tagging? You can use one of TAT’s?
    Or have you tried telling her not to wander?
    Or you can do as we used to do and tie a rope around her neck?

    Sixty – I don’t know which I worry more about!

  6. Can’t beat the sproggies for catching you unawares. My youngest gives amazing hugs and informs me that I am her “best daddy”. Makes you feel all warm inside while also going “huh, wait, I’m the only daddy?”.

    Oh, K8, don’t worry, when I was 3 I woke up to find my mum out, so I opened the front door and went off to the corner shop, firmly convinced that that was where she was. I was very put out when the proprietor could not inform me of her whereabouts. I’m still here 🙂

  7. The one that worries me is when I’m in a shop and a strange child looks at me and cries “Daddy” in delight. I always yell back “I told you not to tell anyone!”. I’ve been barred from quite a few shops.

  8. Have a wonderful 2008 Grandad. I’m on my travels now for the next year but I’ll be keeping an eye on HeadRambles. Have a good ‘un.

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