Global Warming my B****x — 11 Comments

  1. Janet – I thought we were supposed to be growing our own bananas and vineyards by now? Oh, and thanks for the video – I am vindicated!

  2. Aww…That’s just the Coca Cola bear wanting to enter your house, so he can Americanise the place. 🙂

    (Watch your back Sandy!)

  3. I’d love to see the brass monkey ball freezing trick – would be an example of physics in action (look it up – a brass monkey is a rack which holds cannon balls – in cold weather, the cannon balls supposedly contracted so much they would fall through the rails of the brass monkey).

    on cold – I’m glad to say I’m finally in a house which is actually warm in winter! for the last 6/7 years, I’ve skipped around Ireland, living in various other houses. /every/ January, the electricity bill would cripple the budget for months because of damned electric heaters.

    right now, I’m sitting in a t-shirt enjoying the monaghan winter playing outside my window. modern insulation rules.

  4. It’s climate change. They say that pretty soon when the gulf stream goes away and you have the climate of Labrador you will be up to your neck in ice.Brrrrr!

  5. JD – If that’s Coca Cola, you can keep it [anyway, it rots your teeth].

    Steph – Actually, whatever it is looks as clean as Bruno. I wonder if someone stuck it in a washing machine?

    Kae – An interesting experiment to try all right. Sometime. I’m reasonably warm now. It’s just that I had to go out for a bit, and the wind froze me!

    TT – They’ve changed their minds about the Gulf Stream. It isn’t going to stop after all. In the same way that they are going to decide soon that Global Warming is a natural phenomenon.

    Thrifty – I never shoot animals. Only tourists.

    Baino – Do you think so? Actually, my language is normal. It’s just that I have discovered the *st*r*sk key, and I like it.

    With regard to your temperatures, I saw your blog today. Now who’s gloating?

    And can you send me 200 breeding pairs of Drop Bears please? Just in time for the tourist season?

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