Christmas has come early — 22 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    If all is quiet, you can have a couple of extra drinks for those of us who are working through the holiday.

    I’m taking Wednesday off to go to a rugby match, otherwise it’s business as usual.

    I was talking to an IT guy who works for one of the US multinationals. Their Christmas holiday starts on Tuesday and finishes on Tuesday. A friend who manages an electrical retailer similarly has just one day off. I’m not sure how some people are getting two weeks off!

  2. Deborah – We’ll do our best 😉

    Ian – I’ll raise a glass to you. I think you are being a bit lax in taking Wednesday off though?

    For myself? I might take Tuesday off….. Or part of it anyway…

  3. Happy Christmas! Grandad

    I hope you survive it when it does FINALLY arrive!

    The reason we surfs (plebs) don’t visit your site any earlier in the day is because you have us so well-trained, we know what time to expect your daily ration of fun.

    Thanks for all the wonderful entertainment, Grandad. You’re a star trooper! 😀

  4. Nothing says Happy Holidays like drinking while playing with sharp objects and electrical thingys 🙂 Please do them in the proper order, I don’t think we can survive into next year without you.

    …and step is right, Pavlov would be proud

  5. Starting the day before Christmas Eve sounds like a good idea to me. Much better than October!

    Herself was telling me that back in Poland, the celebrations start on Christmas Eve when all the family bring home a tree and decorate it. It stays up about a week and then they celebrate the end of christmas by undecorating it as it were. Much more sensible and family orientated than the “who gives the best presents” type affair that we have here now.

  6. Steph – What time do you all start drooling?

    Stepford Mum – I have just frozen my assets, getting holly. I won’t be playing with anything more dangerous than a whiskey bottle….

    Robert – I’m starting today, only because the Mob are expected tomorrow, otherwise I’d do it then. The whole lot comes down on the 6th, before I become tired of it. The Twelve Days of Christmas. La la la la la,,, la la la la.

    Welcome Howard, and thanks. Happy Christmas to you too. 🙂

  7. May your cups overfloweth with CHRISTMAS Cheer! I know mine will. 😉
    Merry Merry Christmas!

  8. Olga – I intend to be in my cups by midnight. Thanks for all your support during the year.


  9. We are well into the Christmas here! I raise my glass to you and yours. Cheers from Elly, George and this ould biddy!

  10. Grannymar – You’ll be bored with it by Tuesday. Enjoy!! 🙂

    Sneezy – There is always something you forget…

  11. Merry Christmas to you and yours….have a drop on me…:)..put it on my tab…someday I might get over there and pay it…but probably not…

  12. Merry Christmas Grandad! Wish I was there long enough to toast to your health. I’ll then toast to your better half’s self, and then a toast to K8 and then a toast to *hic* the reswt of ur fambly wun buy *hic* won. anthen a…[thud!].

    And a Happy Holidays to all the rest. Yes, even to you Politically Correct…uh…people. 😛

  13. Well we’ve already cranked up in the antipodes. Um I’m not in the office but it is around 10:00, by 3:00 I intend to be drinking daquiries and watching Christmas movies. Tomorrow, well all Hell will break loose of course! Have a fabulous Christmas with friends and family, be amazed by the sparkly bits around the house, relish those who are close and remember those who are not! And if you’re a really good Grandad, Santa might drop something nice down your chimmney! Cheers and salutations!

  14. I am going to bed for Christmas, I plan to arise at some stage in the new year maybe the 1st or 2nd. Have a happy and safe Christmas!!

  15. Robert [B] – Thank you very much. Very generous. You tab now stands at €1,205.26. But don’t worry – there’s a couple more days to go yet…

    Kirk – I meant to do my recipe for a Christmas cake, involving a bottle of whiskey. I forgot. I’ll have to do it next year! Here’s to next Christmas!!

    Cheers Baino. I’ll raise a glass to all my blogging friends. And I intend to have a roaring fire in the hearth to greet Santa. 😈

    Nonny – The most sensible suggestion yet!

  16. “Hard Stuff” being eggnog or Potcheen? 🙂 I usually lurk in round noon or after midnight your time. Ah, the joy of timezones. 🙂 Merry Christmas to all in Head Rambles manor. 🙂

  17. Hi JD – Hard stuff is whatever I can lay my hands on – whiskey, anti-freeze, brake fluid, methylated spirits – you name it.

    And Merry Christmas to all in Jefferson Davis County.

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