Checklist for the Big Day — 17 Comments

  1. Our christmas ham is in the oven already. Plenty of cigarettes piled up. I think there is a what is shaped like a box of 200 with my name on them under the tree. I think my mother is trying to kill me off!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours and I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Bet it will be great to watch your grandchildren open their presents.


  2. Our fridge is groaning with excess, and has a chair against it to keep the door closed.

    Had a tipple last night to see in the season, and found it was the last of the Whisky 🙁 As you say – Bugger.

    Did find a bottle of Brandy at the back of the cupboard though 🙂

    All the best for the day ahead to you and yours.

  3. Ham in the oven already? Are you cooking a complete pig?

    I’m really looking forward to the grandchildren [and, I suppose, K8 and TAT?]. Puppychild just wanders around going “WOW!” at everything.

    Have a good day yourself, and surprise them all by lighting up a pipe.

  4. Grandad,

    Don’t go out – there were food queues in Glasthule at 9.30 this morning. Every cashtill in Dun Laoghaire main street was empty at ten, I had to go down to the seafront to find money. Why do people need so much cash on Christmas Eve? Where are they going to spend it all between now and teatime?

    I will remember you at midnight.

    Nollaig Shona.

  5. Similarly well prepared. Then our eldest threw up. And again. And again. So, food is probably not what we will be needing in our house. In any case, have a good one, catch you in the new year.

  6. About all the queues and general madness, I was out in our local Tesco last night and you would swear the apocalypse was coming. The amount of empty shelves, it was like a pack of locusts descended on the place. I couldn’t fathom it because the shop will be open again on St. Stephens Day!

  7. Ian – I had to go to the village to buy a tin of baked beans for tomorrow’s dinner. It was nearly deserted. You live in the wrong place.

    Thrifty – Nothing serious, I hope. But then Christmas seems to be a time for throwing up. Have a good one yourself.

    Robert – I have said this year after year. I have watch people buy eight sliced pans. For one day????? Everyone has been brainwashed to spend, spend, spend. They are panicking in case they may run out of something, so they buy six bags of sugar. And there is always a petrol station open somewhere anyway….

  8. Am I supposed to serve something with the baked beans? Sprouts?

    The only time I ever suffer from flatulence of the mind is when I’m blogging.

  9. Grandad – you’ve forgotten the presents!

    Hope you got some chestnuts too – excellent f*rt material!

    Enjoy! 😀

  10. Steph – They have the pleasure of my company and I’ll give ’em a fiver each. That’s enough for anyone.

  11. is it just me or is there little white snowflakes type things falling down the sides of this page in the green borders?

    If there are – nice touch.

    If it’s only me, I may be in hospital over christmas..

  12. you’ll only have to wait ’til midnight – then you can have all the reindeer meat that’d fit in your freezer.

  13. it’s not just you, OneFor. or maybe i should be in hopsickle too. anyway, nollaig shona, Grandad.

  14. I’m missing something here: Why worry about food when you have drink?

    Anyway. Yuletide felicitations and all that.

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