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  1. “I like to have a routine, so I set my alarm for nine on a weekday, just so that the weekend can be different”

    How about setting the alarm for Saturdays to see what happens? 😉

  2. Steph – It’s over six years since I left work. I should be used to it now?

    Grannymar – Professional = Pay. Pay = 0. Professional = 0. QED.

    And if I want to complain, well… it’s my blog.


  3. Haha . . I berated my sister this week because she hadn’t come round on Thursday as promised (It was Wednesday – yep, I didn’t even know what day it was!). My recent home imprisonment has rendered me a retiree. Dunno what day it is, dunno what time it is . . frankly don’t care! I empathise Grandad . .

    We should podcast on Saturday night your time . . .after a couple of bevvies . . that’ll make you more loquacious

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