The Great Crazy Eight — 11 Comments

  1. Ah, good old Tom Sharpe, I re-read the Wilt Alternative the other day, inspired me to post about the parallels in Eva’s alternative lifestyle obsession and the kind of thing I hear people talking about today (myself included). Apparently none of it is new, I’m just too young to have realised that before now. What’s Wilt in Nowhere like?

  2. Wilt in Nowhere is very good [the daughters get up to great antics in America] but I preferred The Throwback. That is not to be read on public transport!

  3. “Porterhouse Blue” was my favourite Sharpe. If you can still find Nicholas Salaman in print he wrote the same kind of stuff as T.S. I appreciate that you figured out that not all Americans are rotten. Brainwashed and misguided is all.
    Speaking of “modern” authors I guess Leslie Thomas got too old to write. Great shame if so.Neil Gaiman is my new boy. “American Gods” is well worth a read.
    p.s. Forgive me my poor spelling and grammar. I no know better. Merry Christmas to you and yours Grandad. Thanks for your entertainment.

  4. So I’m reading your list nodding and smiling, sometimes chuckling and then I get to “Behind Blue Eyes,” in my opinion one of the best classic rock tunes of all times, and then I see “Limp Bizkit?” FFS Grandad – I’m disappointed in you. They can’t even spell their band name right and then they go ripping one of The Who’s greatest hits apart? No… just wrong. *SHAKES HEAD IN DESPAIR* Well it could be worse… you could prefer the Bryan Adams version! 😉

    Hope you Granny and the kids have a lovely Christmas!

  5. Ah yer a good sport alright! Just one teensy weensy problem . . I am a tidy freak and a minimalist . . .are you afraid? Very afraid? Thanks for the book tips, I’m running out of DVDs

  6. Thanks, TT. I must look up Salaman in the library.

    Deborah – Sorry to disappoint you. I have my reasons for liking that version, though I’m not knocking The Who [Pinball Wizard?!!!!]. Anyway, admit it – you’d hate me to be predictable?

    Baino – If you haven’t read Tom Sharpe, I think he may be right up your street. Sorry to hear you are a minimalist. Maybe you can find a cure?

  7. Can’t beleive you couldn’t think of 8 more things about yourself…that would have only been 24… sheesh.

  8. Drowsey – I could invent things about myself but I’m too honest. The the truth is just plain boring. I’m a very boring ordinary person….

  9. Goodness, you shouldn’t pay any outstanding bills before you go. As soon as you know the Grim Reaper’s on the way, just let ’em pile up and leave them for the relatives to take care of. Then use the extra money to jet off into the sun for a few weeks and indulge yourself shamelessly.

  10. Nick – Fair point. I’ll just mortgage the house to the hilt and spend it all on having a good time. But what happens then if I live another twenty years?

  11. Okay, I asked for…literally.

    Actually I know how you never can think of people to victimize with these memes and neither can I. So I thought I’d just give you someone to tag otherwise your friends might give you a hard time about being a real pooper and not playing along.

    I won’t tag K8 with this since she already turned it down once (yes?) and she’s busy trying to drive herself into the nearest mental institution by driving a taxi…and cleaning windows…and poisoning the neighbor’s cat…etc.

    I enjoyed your list. I’m gonna copy it, change it bit and call it good. 😀

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