Don't forget your anti-freeze — 13 Comments

  1. That was nice. I’m back. My assets are frozen but the rest of me is invigorated.

    Grannymar – I sometimes think you have a sadistic streak somewhere?

  2. Glad I’m at work. Working hard 😉 Must tell the wife not to look over the hedge!

    For some reason all the builders next door were working on the roof today? Have you got your groupies with you Grandad?

    The OPW are supposed to be webcasting the solstice from Newgrange today and tomorrow. You have to have IE and your finger up your bum for it to work!

  3. Neighbour – I don’t know how to tell you this, but your wife joined us. With Herself and Janywan, it was quite a sight. The builders have all disappeared since. I think they’ve gone for therapy.

    Susan – We get performing rights. OK?

    Brianf – I prefer to believe Newgrange over the Internet!! They had it right 5,000 years ago. Take a look at Neighbour’s link.

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