Senior Moments — 18 Comments

  1. I don’t think it’s a senior moment. It must be planetary misalignment. Today I feel like dragging a duvet into the kitchen to watch the washing machine go round and round and round. Not really mentally capable of anything else…

  2. I have to agree with K8. I’ve been like a zombie all day too. The only thing is that I have a bona fide hangover but never this bad before for having had so little last night. I think!

    I don’t know. I can’t remember now 😐

  3. That’s weird – I’m having one of those days too…

    I seem to be wandering around in circles achieving zilch. My brain has it’s fog lights on but it’s going nowhere. Even writing this is a major effort.

    I suspect the festive season has something to do with it but for today anyhow, Christmas is cancelled!

    Mine’s a G&T please, Grandad 😉

  4. Is there a spell on Grandad’s readers? I am dragging myself through the day, my only coherent thought a fervent wish for the evening and sleep. Although K8’s idea seems strangely attractive.

  5. Well it’s 11.40 am here and I am going to watch Liverpool play Reading at noon on the old telly. Cheer up me hearties.

  6. Senior moments are just a brain’s holiday; it will be back no worries.

    I’m frankly impressed that you broke a real lighter before you lost it (which is why I never buy one for my husband; I’d be buying them daily) and even MORE impressed that when the bits went scattering, you could find them to try to put them back together. Some of us would still be crawling squinty-eyed on the floor.

    So, well done, I’d say.

  7. Just in case you are all frantic with worry that I’m not replying – To compound my miseries, we have just had a power cut. F*king wind! I couldn’t see my arse in front of my face. And I looked.

    K8 – I couldn’t take up your suggestion up until now, but even now, I couldn’t be bothered.

    Robert – You’re disqualified for having an excuse, even if it is a bad one.

    Steph – Nothing to do wth the Festive Spirit. G&T on its way [and mine’s a pint, please]

    Cathy – It looks like you may have something there. Am I radiating apathy? Do I care? Does anyone care?

    TT – You’re too cheerful. Bog off.

    Brianf – It was nice not talking with you today.

    Susan – It was a refillable disposable lighter. Only in Ireland would they sell a refillable disposable lighter? They’re a damn good idea. They last for a few weeks and then break. But in the meantime, I have refilled them several times. I’m a bit annoyed that I filled this one seconds before it broke though. Waste of gas….

  8. Grandad,

    Don’t be uncharitable to tt – his team has just played abysmally.

    The first function of a Grandad is not to be grouchy (if you make a twist of paper and turn on the cooker you can get a light), but to tell stories.

    Now, there must be lots of stories you could be telling us. Sit down with the pipe and tell us more about the great flood of 1968 – I liked that story, it was my home county.

  9. Ian – OK. I’ll let TT back in. because he is probably miserable again.

    The first function of a Grandad is to be grouchy. And I can’t get a light off the cooker if I have no electricity. Anyway, pipes are hard to light off twisty bits of paper.

    There are loads of stories I could be telling, but they are all boring. Except the one about the Cheddar Floods. But I told that one already. So there.

  10. Well Grandad and Ian I am even more cheerfull now. You see I am a Man U supporter. My wife is a Liverpool supporter. So a really loud rasberry is on its way to you both right now. Might take a few hours to cross the Atlantic; by which time I shall be even more cheerfull as I shall be well imbibed down the Irish pub.
    Y’all have a better day tomorrow. ps wearing that suit probably made you glum !

  11. Awww . . definitely world catgotyatongue day! Even the podcasters were a little ‘weary’ (I had an excuse, it was after midnight and I entered my pumpkin phase). Cheer up chook! There’s always tomorrow. *breaks into annoying song from Annie and is hit on head by son with large frypan*

  12. It’s a global phenomenon, I tell you. I’ve been in a haze all day! Geeezz… I went down to a local University, hoping that seeing all the college mantraps adorning not much more than trainers would knock me out of the daze, but to no avail. I’m still in a haze. We did a podcast? 🙂

  13. What is this? Some alien plot or something? I awoke (if that was what you could call it) feeling like I’d been pumped full of morphine and stayed that way most of the day.

    Somehow I ended up fully dressed before I manned my wife’s quilt shop while she was off doing a show which was probably a good thing. I’m pretty sacry in the buff. Even my sweater was on the right way. There’s something to be said for mechanical movements.

    I was even shuffling for heavens sake.

  14. Grandad & Co. Count yourselves lucky. I have those vacant days regularly. Maybe I’m smoking the wrong kind of pipe tobacco.

  15. TT – You barred again. Too damn cheerful. And what’s worse, cheerful over a bloody football match. Tcha!

    Baino – You are fibbing again. You were all chirpy on the podcast.

    There was definitely something strange about today all right. It seems to be a global phenomenon – all quarters of the globe, so it’s nothing to do with the seasons. TT doesn’t count because he is happy about football, which means he is very sad underneath. I wonder what caused it? An astronomical event? Did CERN fire up their Large Hadron Collider after all?

  16. You were all very lucky.

    I had to go Christmas shopping

    on a Saturday

    on 8th December

    in Henry Street

    in the rain.

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