Poets should know better — 17 Comments

  1. Well I for one tend to check in daily, appreciate the entertainment grandad. Mind you I have a notion I left a comment before, so not completely anonymous. Belated congrats on the book thing.

  2. Thaks Thrift! I know the name well 😉

    [And you got through the moderation thingy, so you were here before]

  3. Grannymar – Probably not. After all these memes, I’m running out of material. Is there anything else you’d like to know about me?

  4. Grandad hammered me..and it left a damn mark to..but he was a little late on the swing I got tagged with this nasty piece of business last week…so I can skive off and go for a drink…If you don’t believe me go back and look..time for bottoms up….:):)

  5. I think Dawkins got it wrong.

    Meme should be renamed Youyou as they are always passed on from me me to you you.

    Seesee what I I meanmean??

    *lies down in darkened room*

  6. Grandad . . . Thanks. You’re a poet of a different kind. As for the beard, I feel naked without mine. I’ll shave it off and then wonder why and start over again for another year. Now my hair is oh so long . . . Locks of Love. That seems to keep the nosy ones away. Love your words. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

  7. Fair play to you grumpy drawers, you don’t usually like memes . . so good on ya! Personally, I think its all in good fun!

    Ingrown hairs suck . . . but if I let my hair grow in the place where they tend to be ingrown, I’d look like a Yeti!

  8. Robert – Don’t worry. I’ll get you again.

    SID – Take another one of those little pink tablets. You’ll feel better.

    Susan – Don’t gloat. You’re next!

    Dan – I’ll forgive you this once. It’s the first time I’ve been called a poet! And my dreams are other people’s nightmares.

    Baino – Now you know why I look like a yeti 🙂

  9. Hey, wait a minute. I did that “use all your tags in a post” meme. Over a hundred of ’em there were. I can’t believe you forgot that.

    Oh, okay. I’ll take care of this one right after the chores are done. Keep on them ingrown hairs or you may be overcome.

  10. Kirk – So you did! And very well too, if I may say so. It’s your own fault for writing so well. I know I’ll get an interesting reply!

  11. Oh Jesus. I truly am insane, I’ve only just copped this now. Ha! (Not that I haven’t been reading or anything!)

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