The government should get a pay rise — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Grandad. Judging by that picture he drinks too much whiskey as well, or maybe that’s just a result of the columbian flu he suffers every day after drawing his lines.

  2. EmptyHead – You tell me. Sure, the poor lad has a lot of stress to cope with. It’s only fair that he has a hobby or two…..

  3. Now that you mention it he does fit the profile of a regular cocaine user. High pressure job, evades direct questioning, is completely full of matter of fact excuses which turn out to be lies, barely makes eye contact, fails to give proper explanation about 1000’s of Euro and has the memory span of a goldfish. And you thought that stammer was a cute little speech impediment, he obviously rubs it into his gums too.

    I hope you weren’t doing any business with Katy French lately?

  4. Did I say Cocaine, I meant ……. milk. He’s obviously just satisfied his thirst from Harney’s udders.

  5. Aw Jayzus!!!!! Now I have to go and clean the diced carrots off the floor. That is disgusting.

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