An Illusion — 32 Comments

  1. ‘Go see a psychiatrist’ he says. And he’s the one who had me thinking I’d found a place of sanity after all…


    I hope it’s a GOOD sort of busy, like a day off in Barcelona or Christmas shopping for/with Herself or risking your neck on the roof hanging Christmas lights for the kiddies, or hey, another award. Whatever it is, I hope you’re enjoying it!


  2. Decisions to not post cannot be taken without an application being made to the policy committee, which will refer it to the ethics committee. Subject to approval it will then be passed to the legal advisory committee who will examine it and submit it to the executive committee. Should there be dissent within the executive committee, there is right of reference to the appeals committee, otherwise it will be processed forward to the implementation committee. Applications require 21 days notice.

    No application had been made, therefore it was not possible to not post and your non-post is therefore invalidated and null and void.

    So there.

  3. Ian – If I didn’t know better, I’d say you worked for RTE..

    I got my permission from the Highest Authority, which overrides all others.

  4. And the Great Day did come, when Grandad did decide not to blog, and a wave of apathy spread across the world. The people cried as one voice……

    “Ah feck it”

    and did nothing for the rest of the day.

  5. Here I am at last, Grannymar

    If Grandad won’t mess around with us today then I think we should make our own fun.

    Any ideas?

    btw He hasn’t replied to any comments so far – that’s only an illusion 😀

  6. Well hell! Here I decided that all I was going to do today was to comment on my favorite blogs and what happens? Grandad decides not to post today.

    Damn! [sticks hands in pockets and walks away grumbling how life can be so unfair at times].

  7. O For Goodness Sakes!

    Old grumpy drawers, receives a couple of awards, seals a book deal, then puts up a “Claytons” post (the post you have when you’re not having a post) on the very site that made him famous in the first place. Now that’s gratitude for you!! We call it ‘bludging’ down here! So don’t come the raw prawn . . pull yer finger out!

  8. I didn’t see a thing, nor did I post a comment….. So if you see a comment you need to call my psychiatrist. He saw nothing either.

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