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  1. Stop complaining! You love the excuse to be a child again.

    Have loads of fun.

    Make Mars bar sambos for lunch – Yummy!

  2. Have you been reading Peter Pan again for her to be thinking that there’s a crocodile in the house? She’ll be terrified of alarm clocks.

  3. Grandad have the women done a runner, shoppping no doubt and left you to your own devises?. Now is a good time to rid the house of any unwanted ornaments and such, then blame it on her nibs!

  4. I killed the grannys dog when I was a nipper by throwing his tennis ball out into the freshly polished kitchen. He scarpered after it, lost his footing and for a second looked a little like a cartoon dog with his legs spinning wildly but not really gaining any purchase.

    Oh how we laughed… until his legs gave and he slid head first, at speen, into the back door.

    Poor thing – at least he didn’t suffer.

  5. Nonny – Emergency situation. Herself is still around but leaving all the work to me as usual. K8 had to bring TAT into hospital. They have to check if he has any backbone.

    TBA – That is sad. 🙁 Our Sandy does a very good cartoon impression – the legs going like the clappers until she starts to move, and then doing beautiful figures-of-eight. I must bring her ice skating sometime?

  6. Puppykids and dogs. No better entertainment for those of us who really don’t like to move much. If you have a crate for the dog, those make great hideouts if you throw a sheet over them.
    Puppychild will love it. Just throw her a treat once in a while.

  7. She just came clattering into the room wearing high-heel black boots, a pink lace ballet dress, angle wings [worn on the front] and presented me with a dead cat.

    Life is never dull in Head Rambles Manor.

  8. just don’t be telling her betrothed about all of this in years to come, and she’ll love you forever.

  9. I love the sound of this child! She sounds like my niece, who is now all growed up and about to explode with a child of her own.

    And think about it, if she finds the reptile, you could have some (sing it with me, now) crocodile shoes, crocodile sho-oo-oes.

    Alternatively, if it’s not real, you could wind up with some crocs (I assume you know what those are, but just in case)

  10. Rhodester – I have the photos. They shall be kept in a safe place and shall be released on payment………..

    Karyn – I know all our geese are swans, but I am finding her particularly enchanting today.

    Then I remember that her mother was enchanting at that age too…!!

  11. Puppies and babies are two of my favorite smells in the world. Congrats on what must have been a lovely day!

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