Revolting laptop — 12 Comments

  1. Threatening to install Vista is one serious threat alright. It has to be the greatest stinking heap of an operating system ever.

    You’re laptop would do well to heed your advice and behave itself!

  2. It’s a very strange thing, Robert, but for the last few weeks I haven’t been able to connect to my printer. I tried everything, but it just wouldn’t work. I issued that threat, and strangely enough, I can print again!

    I think it’s scared all right. And the DVD drive hasn’t popped out either.

  3. Now that’s a threat…Vista Indeed I shall have to store that one away for future use….:)

  4. These things are psychotic. I’ve already had to rip two keys off mine because they went monkey-mental, typing by themselves until the whole page was filled with semicolons or something. I almost called Father O’Donnell to bring his exorcism kit.

    Next time (I told it) I’ll just buy a new one and give you to the Baby. I may even install some Teletubby software, so…….??!!

    It behaves now.

  5. I hate that eventually you have to replace the little blighters or get them repaired, nothing is built to last these days, NOTHING. It all stems back to a conspiracy or cartel amongst computer giants so they can get more money out us.

  6. Susan – You have to show your computer who is boss. If it starts misbehaving, you can always sit it on the ‘naughty stair’ for ten minutes, and let it sulk. Another way I find is quite effective is to threaten to filter its connection so it can’t watch porn overnight.

    Nonny – It’s not the computers, it’s that f*cker Gates. He keeps making his software more and more bloated, so you have to keep getting bigger and faster computers to run the damned stuff. That’s why I’m running Windows 3.1 on my Remington typewriter.

    I’m glad you moved to Ireland. But your blog doesn’t work now?!

  7. a big wad of gum will keep that dvd drive in check. and I’d disconnect that laptop speaker. you won’t have your music but the persnickity bantering will go away too, unless that’s all just in your head.

    It’s not.. is it?

  8. Hey Irish Grand Daddy – have voted for u for the golden spider thingie! All the best

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