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  1. Grandad,

    I’m amazed at how fast the Revenue Commissioners can process my tax return if they think I have underpaid on 31st October and owe them more. On the other hand, if I have overpaid, it seems to take much longer. Strange that.

    However, the redeeming feature is that unlike Brianf’s government, our government does pay interest on overpayments. It’s quite nice to get interest from the taxman.

  2. One of the great modern inventions is the on-lie payment of tax. If they owe me money, they have no excuses! In fairness to them, it just appears in my account.

    As for interest – I hate it when they show an interest in me. If they ever find those Krugerands buried in the old barrel in the garden, then I’m bunched.

  3. Lorna – Now you have me thinking. I don’t know where I got that word from. I use it the odd time, but there is no reference to it on the Interweb. Is it a colloquialism? Is it slang? Have I invented a word?

  4. You know those tightly foil wrapped chocolate bars?

    You know when you open it, your left with a little triangular corner piece of wrapper?

    I want a tax put on that.

  5. SID – I’ll go along with that, if we can have a tax on ‘easy open peel back’ packs of rashers that need a Kango hammer to open ’em?

  6. We’re about to get tax cuts if the current government is reinstated on 24 November. More money in our pocket to pay for the rising cost of a mortgage, private health care and increased public transport charges. Thanks Johnny . . ta a lot!

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