Stop the clock! — 8 Comments

  1. For a wife and mother who is also a full time employee, part time postgrad student and a leader of various groups in her local church, that sounds like a wonderful idea! Will they give me one of those things that Hermione Granger had in the Harry Potter book, so that she could attend concurrent lessons?

  2. I don’t think I want someone to tell me to stop procrastinating, I am sooo close to turning it into an art form… If they want to write my thesis, they are welcome, though.

  3. I find plenty of time to leave inane comments, not only on this blog but a few other as well. I’m going to email them anyway. Think of all the extra inane comments I could leave here with more time on my hands.

  4. when the good lord made time, he gave everyone 24 hours for their day. now RTE are dishing out extras, I won’t know who to pray to in future

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