I died for Sharon — 15 Comments

  1. They were surprisingly efficient considering it is the HSE you are talking about.

    Just wait until they send you the bill!

  2. Robert – You don’t honestly think I rely on that shower of incompetent b*st*rds, do you? I have no wish to die just yet. It costs me, but I go private.

  3. They were obviously keen to exercise their medical skills. Good job you woke up before they’d sawn you open, given you a heart transplant and chucked the old one in the bin.

  4. Nick – But then I’d have been good for another 60 years! Now if they had started rifling me for body parts….?

  5. If that happens again and they start harvesting your body parts, can I have your liver?

    I think mine has given up the ghost.

  6. Ashley – Damnit! When I wrote this piece, I momentarily forgot my lusting hoards of female fans. I’m sorry. Sharon is first in the queue, but if she wants to step to one side for a moment???

    Robert – After half a century of Guinness consumption, I doubt it would do you much good.

  7. I don’t think that would matter. Could only be better that the one I currently have. I’m starting to look a bit yellowish after last night.

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