I died for Sharon — 15 Comments

  1. Robert – You don’t honestly think I rely on that shower of incompetent b*st*rds, do you? I have no wish to die just yet. It costs me, but I go private.

  2. They were obviously keen to exercise their medical skills. Good job you woke up before they’d sawn you open, given you a heart transplant and chucked the old one in the bin.

  3. Ashley – Damnit! When I wrote this piece, I momentarily forgot my lusting hoards of female fans. I’m sorry. Sharon is first in the queue, but if she wants to step to one side for a moment???

    Robert – After half a century of Guinness consumption, I doubt it would do you much good.

  4. I don’t think that would matter. Could only be better that the one I currently have. I’m starting to look a bit yellowish after last night.

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