How to drive in Ireland – Positioning — 11 Comments

  1. I discovered you yesterday, thanks to Dave Snowden (who is almost as curmudgeonly as you, but not quite). I am permanently indebted to him. I am also permanently indebted to you for your driving hints and tips. I can’t believe how many mistakes I’ve been making all these years!

  2. Hi Karyn, and welcome! Curmudgeonly? Surely not?

    I’m glad my series on road safety is of use to you. The problem with most drivers is that they try to adhere to the official rules. That’s why there is so much congestion, and so many accidents..

  3. In my few adventures on our countrys roads, I have noticed that the indicaters on 07 suv’s don’t work

  4. Tony – They probably do work. Either a) they are being used correctly [i.e. not at all] of b) the driver is a moron [which is a 99% possibility in an SUV]

  5. In Oz we have two odd phenomenan, both of which are meant to be driven over quickly so that all four wheels are elevated before landing simultaneously. ‘Silent cops” ( which are large embedded metal bollards at intersections to encourage you to stay on your side of the road. Running over one enables you to drive for 40 metres on two wheels and speed humps (nothing to do with speed dating) Whereby one can elevate an entire car if they’re driven over fast enough. Installed specifically for hoons driving WRX hatchbacks.

  6. Baino – You are going too fast. I haven’t covered speed yet. I’ll have to put speed humps on this site if you’re not careful…

  7. Grandad,

    If I could get Google maps to work, I could show your readers a fine example of an Irish roundabout. It’s in Killiney Avenue, there is no other road joining it. It is a relic from a previous road plan where another road would have joined Killiney Avenue. That plan never came to fruition, but the roundabout did. It is, of course, regarded much like a chicane would be by Formula 1 drivers.

  8. Grandad,

    Thank you.

    I think this is a perfect visual presentation of your comment that roundabouts “are placed as frequently as possible and generally where they are not required.”

    No-one has been able to tell me what it’s for.

  9. SID – I have found that too. All I need is a method of adjusting the timing. I also use the windscreen wipers for the same thing.

    Ian – To annoy us. Why else?

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