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  1. I think you’ve made it kind of obvious where you live now.

    You’re secret’s blown… you’ll have to go back to the Glencree Reconciliation Centre for naughty boys now with a number on your back. I’m giving them the go-ahead to use the red pills, though you may carry out your last assassination in the name of the good times. Last one though. I mean it this time.

  2. The red pills are useless. They turn my pee green, and we can’t have that.

    It just happens that the quietest and simplest way to get to the railway happens to be through Enniskerry to Bray. I suppose I could have taken the motorway, but I wasn’t in the mood.

    And if assassinations are required for the good of the community at large, then I shall continue to do them. It’s my civic duty.

  3. TomTom – Scared of me? Why? How can you be scared of a harmless old man?

    And everyone claims they’re Irish – even the Americans. [But I bet you use an ISP that has their numbers registered in the UK!]

  4. How do you know who I use? Don’t answer that!

    If it’s any consolation, they use strange numbers. I’m in Ireland [obviously] and Tallaght is in Ireland. But apparently Three Rock Mountain [Co. Dublin] is in the UK.

    You use their mail system which is also apparently in the UK.

  5. Stop playing with my blog!!!!

    As a matter of interest – what are you doing, that is going to fix that? Are you going to reallocate all the ISP’s addresses? That should be fun!

  6. Not sure what happened there, things went a bit mental on firefox and it crashed.
    Just using a proxy at the moment.

  7. Tried posting through a proxy there but it got picked up as spam.

    Something went mental with my firefox there previously and it crashed. The IP I’m posting from is tagged GB for a reason.

  8. Now he is picking up old men in train stations!

    This, coming from the woman from whom no Toy Boy is safe, is rich.

    Raymond is an old friend. We shared many a happy moment puffing on our respective pipes, and setting the world to rights. Circumstances dictated that we haven’t seen each other in years, but I just knew that I was going to meet him yesterday. Strange!?

  9. Grandad…off topic a bit. Please…can I have some of your wisdom regarding the latest leaked memo from the US Administration?

    I watched the news for hours last night, and became so frustrated with all the dancing around done by politicians and the White House Press secretary. What the heck is happening???


  10. Laurie – What topic!!

    I hadn’t heard about this as I didn’t hear the news yesterday or today, so I had to do some research.

    It appears that the U.S. admits to continuing to torture prisoners [who still haven’t been tried and are therefore presumed innocent]. However, Dubya claims that it isn’t torture to inflict pain and humiliation.

    I quote [from the Irish Times]:

    “After September 11th, 2001, President George W Bush gave the CIA sweeping powers to capture, detain and kill al-Qaeda operatives throughout the world and declared that Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, which forbids torture and cruel and humiliating treatment of captives, did not apply to al-Qaeda.”

    So I can go over and shoot Dubya but it isn’t murder because I say so?

  11. I am so very tired of listening to all the crap that the US administration throws around. Do they honestly believe that the rest of the world is stupid? I guess the honest answer is they don’t care.

    I know this sounds crazy, but when I hear things like I did on the news last night, it almost makes me cry with frustration.

    I am praying that someday soon…Dubya and Cheney (aka Darth Vader) will be tried as war criminals. You can bet if some third world dictator were doing what they are…..plenty of howling by the USA could be heard.

    Thanks for listening grandad.


  12. Laurie – The plain and simple fact is that Dubya is a war criminal. He is ignoring the United Nations. He is ignoring the Geneva Convention. He unilaterally declared a war. He is torturing people without trial. The list goes on.

    As you rightly say – if any other leader did this, he would be the first to shout.

    He is literally The Worlds Worst Terrorist. He is no better nor worse than bin Laden.

  13. One thing that was said by the new White House Press secretary was this. Quote ” we (administration) are of the understanding that the Geneva Convention is up to the interpretation of individual countries”.

    This would be laughable…except it is frightening.

    It is a frightening time we live in grandad….I am so glad I have your blog to come to for laughs, and ultimately…some sanity.


  14. Laurie – That is exactly like my saying that the laws of this country don’t apply to me.

    The Geneva Convention is an international treaty signed by [among others] the U.S. It is a treaty, which like any other contract is binding on all signatories.

    Failure to abide by the Geneva Convention results in war crimes, by definition.

    Frankly I am terrified by Dubya. Not only is he a war criminal, but he is rapidly becoming a dictator too.

  15. the trains here announce the stations after they have left which is very annoying at times… men’s intuition is a marvelous thing..I had a intuitive flash today that I was going to have several jars of Ale…Lord Thunderin Belches I was right..funny how that works

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