Are you a Bum Puffer? — 22 Comments

  1. Maybe you better leave it for a few days. He might still be traumatised.

    On second thoughts you better get to him soon in case he teams up with Ron and the start to scheme against you!

  2. Ron is still in Thailand [I think]. But you’re right – I’d better apologise. Even though it goes against my nature.

  3. Would you like to hear some more funny?

    I’m Australian. I’ve only ever heard it referred to as ‘bum-sucking.’

    A whole new set of imagery.

    And yet the connotations had never occurred to me before now…

  4. Bum Sucking is worse. It conjours up an image of an elephant sitting in a water hole, for some reason.

  5. Thank you, TomTom. I shall, of course, be calling you as a witness if there is a court case.

  6. Just to educate your readers a little more, I’m also a Nose Puffer, meaning you swallow the smoke a little and push/exhale it out your nose. The purpose of this procedure? It increases the flavor/taste for the discerning pipe smoker. However you do not take it into your lungs. That would mean you’d die of lung cancer instead of throat and mouth cancer.

    Puffer in the Dam…no jokes please!

  7. Hold on! If Nose Puffer means blowing out your nose, the Bum Puffer does mean blowing out………

    I was right all along 🙂

    Puffer in the Dam…no jokes please!

    Ah! Pleeeeeease?

  8. I heard bum the term bum puffing before, bf being smoker and all. Bum sucker on the other hand, never heard that one. The first thing that came to my head was “hoover”… stranger things have happened.

  9. Grandad,

    Overheard from the next booth……..

    “I’m not kidding, the sex was so good ever the neighbors had a cigarette afterwards……

  10. I am most definitely not a bam puffer.

    I inhale

    And hold it

    And then I get really hungry.

    Shit, someone’s gotta play with these kids.

  11. Bum Puffer…Peter Puffer…Nose Puffer, I would have made sure he didn’t breathe right for quite awhile. Good job, Grandad!

  12. Youre far too unimaginative. They’re simply trying to shelter yuor tender innocence . I have it on the very best authority that bum puffing was an art widely practices among sailors of coarse repute.
    Yes You’re getting the picture ; The cigarette was placed in the place where the sun dont shine and the smoke was inhaled as it were in reverse.. which led to an entire new lexicon the remnants of which survive to this day .. some of the less prosaic being faggot a derivation from the abreviation for the weed and the latin otterinum -the last extreme of the digestive tract

  13. and all this time I thought a bum puffer was someone who cadged other peoples fags (not meant in any gay way) rahter than buy there own…I shall have to apoligize to Uncle Alf after calling him that for years..he must be a smoke mooch instead…..

  14. Sue – I think that sounds like a technique that is used with the more ‘exotic’ tobaccos?

    RB – A cigarette cadger used to be known as a Fag Bummer. Unfortunately, that term can’t be used any more for obvious reasons.

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