Rambles in the hills — 13 Comments

  1. Grannymar – He has an excellent trigger finger. As long as he keeps it on the trigger…….

    Sean – He is very selective, but I’ll see what I can do. Why? Do you have prostate problems?

  2. Grandad,

    WHEW!!!!!! Glad to see you’re going after German tourists.

    It makes a nice change for us.

    God Bless America.

  3. I wouldn’t count on it Nancy. I would put it more down to luck [good or bad, depending on your viewpoint]

  4. My – a physician who prescribes on the fly AND hunts? He sounds a gem.

    Rather like my own MD, who not only insists on sharing his ether on each visist, but absolutely insists I don’t exercise as it tends to spill my bourbon.

  5. Hi Doc [not Doctor – we’ll have to sort that].

    He’s good all right, but he does insist on no smoking or drinking. At least, not when he is examining me.

    Once I can get him off the subject of anal probes, he’s the best bloke in the world….

  6. My blood pressure always shoots up when I’m at work, but I just can’t get my doctor to agree that any kind of paid employment is a serious health risk and must cease immediately. Most unhelpful.

  7. Grandad,

    You will put the pub in Glencullen out of business if you keep shooting all their punters. I can see why that it might be fruitful hunting ground, it being the highest pub in Ireland.

    Last week I met a woman being ordained in the American Episcopal Church, her husband is in a medical practice in upstate New York and goes out shooting things at the weekend. My thoughts on American clergy were knocked sideways when she said that she went shooting when she had the time. This definitely beats the odd C of I cleric who rides to hounds!

  8. Nick – High blood pressure cause by the need to work seems to me to be a valid reason for a sick-note. You should change your doctor.

    Ian – I often travel over to the Glencullen area. It is a great hunting ground. Though it isn’t the highest pub. There are about five pubs claim that and I believe a place in Kerry holds the distinction.

    Anybody who goes shooting for sport should be shot.

  9. They’re not bad, TomTom, but a little on the small side. I prefer the rolling hills of Wicklow, the long winding Shannon, or the best of the lot – West Cork and Kerry.

    I must write an article sometime – A Guide to Hunting in Ireland.

  10. I used to do a bit of shooting years ago but ain’t done it in a while. Went clay shooting in Wicklow last week and surprised myself. 23 from 26.

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