The Black Knight and the Monster – Part Deux — 15 Comments

  1. Sorry Disgusting. I can only tell the story as it is.

    Anyway, this story is for grown-ups. If I’d known there were children reading it, the hills would have run with blood, guts and gore…..

  2. Hi again Dan.

    You seem to be suffering from a “404 Hair not found” error?

    Anyway, you’re old news now.

    And I always hated Tom Jones…

  3. This is too funny! Why can’t ever an uppidy toppidy boss of a wrong-doer just come clean and say something along the lines of “Ookay, this is what we do/did and I hear you didn’t like it, well, so get over it”, or ” this is what we do/did and I hear you didn’t like it, my sincere apologies. Although we will not change our spam-strategy we will make sure to take you off our mailing list.” Just own up to it instead of making excuses… Geezus.

  4. Grandad,

    Pondering the monstrous fable with my first mug of tea at 6.30 this morning, I wondered if the tins of spam are a sign of a serious turn in the economy. If employees of big firms are driven to venturing out and terrifying the villagers, is there a chill wind blowing through our corporate corridors? Are we all facing a McWilliamsite economic landscape where even monsters won’t venture?

  5. I suppose it all depends on the attitude of the monster. If he throws the tins around he is going to get a bad reaction. If he quietly places the tins in a pile and says ‘help yourself’ then things might be better.

    Dammit! Why do people always look for hidden meanings in a simple story!

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