A house with an unusual feature? — 18 Comments

  1. For 1.8M it better sit on about 60 acres of beachfront and come with a bunch of cute, 20-something Italian girls as live-in housekeepers.

  2. No. It is a 4 bed terraced house on Bray seafront. It has a back garden that backs onto the Dublin-Rosslare railway [and Dublin-Greystones Dart]. There is nothing special about it.

    For some reason, part of the blurb says [and I quote]
    Most families will spend most time down at basement level“.
    I don’t know what they mean by that.

  3. Because that’s where the booze is kept, and everyone knows that the only way to survive in Bray is to be totally inebriated.

  4. So there’s also a railway line? Even better, you don’t have to get as far as the sea to drown yourself, you can just wander absent-mindedly on to the tracks as the 9.35 hurtles towards you.

  5. As Irish property prices go, it’s not the worst!

    It would be perfect for me – the football ground is very handy, as are the pubs for a pint after the match, and the DART ride north around Killiney Bay or south down to Greystones is very pleasant.

    The really overpriced stuff is in the horrid new developments.

  6. I agree with you Ian. But then a month or two ago it would have probably been 2M. I have seen a lot less going for a lot more.

    Why don’t you move then? Your mobile home in Killiney would probably fetch around 4M?

  7. It’s actually the River Blackwater but you can’t have that because for some reason the Duke of Devonshire owns it. He doesn’t own that house but he does own Lismore Castle further up the river.

  8. How the hell do you own a river? Do you have to keep chasing the water as it flows downstream shouting “It’s mine. It’s mine”?

  9. It’s a major bone of contention down here. Technically he owns the bed of the river, right out to the estuary. So anyone fishing the river Blackwater be it in Youghal where it meets the sea or Ballydesmond on the Kerry border almost at the source, needs his permission.

  10. I can imagine. I’d divert the river through my own land and fish there. He can keep the dry bit where the river used to flow! 🙂

  11. Ah Bray! Well that explains everything, for some reason people seem to think that it’s the place to be, but having been there, staying with a relative, it’s no better than anywhere else, except it seems to be more expensive. It’s Bray for God’s sake, not Monaco.

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